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In Latin, the word ‘provenance’ refers to a place of origin. This idea is in full force at Provenance Coffee Co., where beans are tracked directly from the farm and treated with only the utmost respect and quality.

Provenance is one of Tasmania’s newest and most exciting coffee roasting businesses. Having launched into the market at the end of 2016 with frontman, Jesse Campling, and experienced roaster, Stu Grant, they have quickly established some solid foundations.

While it is a young brand, there’s more than enough passion to go around. The entire team is committed to forming direct connections with micro-lot farms. Not only is there extensive research about which farms to partner with, but also the various roasting methods that will suit each bean.

The team is committed to sharing the story of the farms and their farmers related to each product. Take, for example, their Pineda single origin. It’s named after Rodolfo Pineda, who supplies the beans from his farm in San Ignacio, El Salvador. Similarly, the Colombian roast, Erazo, is grown in Planadas by the Erazo family.

Typically, coffee from El Salvador is big bodied, creamy and sweet, whereas Colombia produces some of the smoothest and most balanced coffee in the world. Roasted to suit both an espresso and manual brew, Pineda has a flavour profile featuring a rich mid palate with defined flavours of gooseberry fruit and spice. Erazo, on the other hand, suits a longer espresso extraction, with buttery biscuit and roasted almond flavours.

While Provenance has a strong online presence, selling coffee and other accessories on its website, the team can also be found at the Launceston Harvest Market every Saturday. In addition to sharing their beans with an abundance of Tasmanian coffee lovers, the boys have developed a fantastic cold brew recipe. Each Saturday this is hooked up to a mobile tap system and run through nitro, making for an extra-creamy cold brewed coffee for market goers.

As self-professed coffee nerds, the boys at Provenance are passionate not only about the origins of their beans but also about the coffee that they produce. For them, distributing Provenance coffee to cafes is a way to enter a partnership with other coffee lovers and an outlet for working together to make the best possible cup of coffee available to consumers.

Provenance is all about transparency and origin, allowing coffee drinkers to truly follow the bean from crop to cup. It’s a business doing things a little differently, gifting the people of Tasmania a coffee experience like no other.

Locate Provenance Coffee Co

6/31A Churchill Park Drive, Invermay TAS 7248


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