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Think Melbourne is the only city in Australia that's got a handle on hip dining in laneways? Think again. Nestled in an historic lane of Kings Cross, Wilbur's Place is a small 26-seat eatery favoured by locals for its fresh, delicious, affordable food and its great atmosphere. With fast service and a no-fuss attitude, it's the perfect place for a quick bite in the midst of Sydney even if you're pressed for time.

Founded by Paul Allam and David McGuinness, Wilbur’s Place was developed as an eat-and-run venue using the same philosophy as their successful Bourke Street Bakery. It’s clear that they’re just as comfortable in a restaurant setting as in the bakery, because business is thriving and there’s no shortage of delectable bites to eat.

The bakery supplies Wilbur’s Place with a wealth of pastries, desserts, breads and expertise, and the staff at Wilbur’s provides the rest. The great food and friendly service have helped to establish Wilbur’s as a popular spot, with customers regularly returning to dine there three or four times a week. “Because it’s so small, it’s easy to produce great food and serve it well,” said Paul and David.

Head Chef, Adam Lord, changes the menu weekly based on which ingredients are in season at the local Flemington Markets. “It keeps the regulars challenged and excited,” he said. The signature dish is their Suckling Pig Roll, a moreish olive oil roll of roasted pork, homemade pickles, dill sauce and crackling. For dessert, try the deliciously indulgent Toasted Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich, which goes over the top in the best possible way: two thin slices of golden brioche oozing ice cream in the flavour of the day, with the top slice spread with salted caramel.

The wine list consists exclusively of Australian wines, all from within New South Wales, including a red that was pressed, fermented and bottled by the Wilbur’s Place team and the customers themselves, in collaboration with winemaker Alex Retief. “We put half a tonne of Tertini vineyard grapes in Bourke Street Bakery Potts Point then pressed it in a customer fun-filled night of red wine and good food,” David said. “We then aged it over nine months and bottled it in another night very similar to the last.”

The idea was to create an interactive, hands-on experience that customers could get involved in, and it was an undisputed success. The wine is now sold in-house as ‘Wilbur’s Natural Wine Project’ Cabernet Sauvignon. “It’s great to see the Wilbur’s customers who were involved in the making of the wine now sitting down to drink it night after night,” said David.

It’s things like this that make Wilbur’s the quintessential local eatery it is, and keeps the customers coming back for more.  “The atmosphere at Wilbur’s Place epitomises Sydney for the team: Fun, irreverent – but quality all the same!”

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34 Llankelly Place, Potts Point, NSW


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