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Sasaki is about more than just Japanese food. The fine dining restaurant, nestled in the heart of the CBD, celebrates the Japanese way of life, with a focus on everyday wares and simple home cooking.

Owner Yu Sasaki yearned for a place where traditional Japanese cooking and culture could come alive. Inspired by the simplicity and love of his mother’s cooking and his memories of growing up in the Japanese countryside, his vision was to craft a Japanese dining experience that showcased the customary significance inherent to traditional Asian cuisine.

Yu was well-placed to bring this concept to life, having spent years in the kitchens of some of Sydney’s finest establishments, including Marquee, Universal and French Laundry. Whilst formally trained in Western style cooking, he has combined his expertise and heritage to produce an outstanding fine dining experience that’s teeming with authenticity.

In his quest for a genuine experience, Yu has expertly designed every element of Sasaki, including the interior design. He partnered with Japanese architect Natsumi Yawata to bring the ‘yo no bi’ (‘beauty in utility’) concept to life, creating a simple space that allows the food to shine.

The menu is crafted with each ingredient in mind, made up of simple dishes that aim to bring out the best of each flavour. The offering changes daily, depending on what fresh produce Yu’s local suppliers can provide

Depending on the time of year, you may start with something like smoked eggplant and buckwheat, topped with a sake, plum and dashi jelly, before moving onto the blue swimmer crab and egg chawanmushi with dashi and lemon oil. Finish off with something sweet from the hitokuchi-gashi (bite-sized) range, like the soy sauce-infused salted caramel mousse, or caramel nut wafers infused with miso flavours.

Sasaki’s drink menu includes a selection of Japanese sake, shochu and whiskies. The wine list also features drops from across the globe, as well as a small selection of craft beers.

With Sasaki, Yu has exceeded all expectations, delivering a powerful experience of Japanese culture in the heart of the CBD. By offering more than just a meal, it champions the entire Asian lifestyle, making it the cheapest trip to Japan you’ll ever take.

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102/21 Alberta Street, Sydney, NSW


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