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There’s no denying that the name Matt Moran screams success – he is, after all, one of Australia’s most loved household names. And now he’s giving us all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings, thanks to the news that he is returning to The Paddo Inn.

A little bit of context for those who are not in the know, The Paddo Inn was the first professional kitchen that Matt ran way back in 1991. After an abundance of culinary ventures, Matt Moran is now somewhat of a national treasure when it comes to the Australian food scene. He is making a triumphant return to The Paddo Inn where it all started, but this time Matt and Solotel’s Bruce Solomon have added a bit of local magic.

The Paddo Inn has been a favourite of eastern suburb locals for over 30 years. Following a revamp in 2016 and with a tweak of their fine dining menu it is now re-launching as The Paddo Inn Bar & Grill.

Having answered the cries of their regulars, Matt has now decided to focus on the basics and doing them well. We all know there is nothing better than a great piece of meat or seafood cooked to perfection, and that’s exactly what is happening at the Grill.

The new menu is overseen by Matt but executed by Head-Chef, Laura Barratto. Featuring produce from some of Australia’s best, dishes include Rangers Valley MS5 rump cap, Darling Downs scotch fillet from Queensland and Jacks Creek MSB2 T-bone from New South Wales.

However for those looking for something a little less beefy, the menu also features a collection of delicious dishes hailing from both land and sea. Picture snapper with greens and verjuice, a half chicken with roasted parsnip and caper vinaigrette, and from the new raw section, salmon gravlax and steak tartare.

In the true spirit of classic pub dining, the vibe is casual, the food is simple and the beer and wine are flowing. Open seven days from lunch through to dinner and late into the evening, The Paddo Inn Bar & Grill is set to remain a Paddington cult classic and a go-to for all locals craving a great steak and a large glass of wine.

Locate The Paddo Inn: Bar & Grill

338 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW


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