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Walking along Liverpool Road you’ll quickly realise this little shopping strip is a haven for dumpling lovers, with a number of restaurants turning out delicious little parcels of heaven. Thanks to New Shanghai’s retail concept, there is now a way to skip the lines and enjoy restaurant-quality dumplings at home.

After the growing success of their restaurants throughout Melbourne and Sydney, the New Shanghai team noticed a gap in the market. Their dedicated customers would often ask staff for tips as to how they could replicate the experience at home, creating restaurant-quality dumplings and noodles. After finding the perfect location in Ashfield, the New Shanghai team set out to open their first Workshop – the only of its kind.

Be sure to introduce a new stop to your weekly shop and browse the extensive array of traditional dumplings, noodles, cold dishes and pastries, ready to be prepared and devoured in the comfort of your own home. With a contemporary open kitchen that stretches almost the entire length of the restaurant, you’ll be able to see how your produce is made from scratch. Watch the expert team of dumpling makers fold, twist and steam these delicate dumplings with a finesse that only comes from years of experience.

The Workshop’s menu includes a mix of your favourites from the restaurants and a selection of unique dishes that can’t be found elsewhere. You can also stock up on bags of pork and chive, beef, or lamb dumplings to impress guests at any occasion. If you can resist eating them straight away, simply pop the juicy morsels in the freezer. Next time an unexpected desire for dumplings hits you, all you’ll need to do is break out the steamer and you’ll be enjoying New Shanghai’s famous dumplings in no time.

Just like New Shanghai’s restaurants, there’s much more than dumplings on offer at the Workshop. Pop some handmade noodles in your basket – each of which can form the perfect backbone to many Asian culinary adventures. Once you’ve found those, head to the fridge and check out the range of traditional Chinese cold dishes on offer; there’s everything from Shanghai smoked fish with spiced soy sauce, to authentic braised bamboo shoots and half a salted duck.

No meal is complete with dessert, so check out the daily display of ready- to-eat pastries. You’ll find popular items such as the Moon Cake and sesame pancakes, as well as more left-of-centre desserts, such as green mung bean sweetcakes and sweet rice cake with osmanthus flowers.

While many of the items are available every day, you’ll often spot daily specials courtesy of the talented kitchen team. They also like to embrace the festive season, developing special creations to suit the time of year. Best of all, there are plans in the works to offer dumpling-making classes, perfect for aficionados of the treat.

If looking at all this food is making you hungry, you can always pop next door to New Shanghai’s Ashfield restaurant and have the experts prepare your meal for you. The signature Xiao Long Baos are renowned for their combination of hot broth, minced pork, or pork and crabmeat, all wrapped up in a delicious bite-sized morsel.

Come for the dumplings and leave with armfuls of traditional Chinese dishes. It’s the ideal way to ensure you’re never far away from your next New Shanghai dining experience.

Locate New Shanghai Workshop Ashfield

269 Liverpool Road, Ashfield NSW


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