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New Shanghai is elevating the dumpling experience from casual and cheerful to cocktails and crabmeat, offering delicious Shanghai-style dishes in a stylish setting.

Nestled inside Westfield Sydney, New Shanghai is part of a new generation of dining options for the shopping centre. It is everything a traditional food- court restaurant is not.

For starters, the dumpling palace has its own restaurant floor, complete with attentive staff and luxurious furnishings. The menu is comprehensive – alongside dumplings and dim sum, you’ll find noodle and rice dishes with an extensive selection of meat, seafood and vegetarian options. Creative cocktail concoctions are the final step in washing away all thoughts of food-courts.

The open kitchen gives diners an opportunity to watch the chefs at work as they twist and fold the little parcels with ease. Their prowess is best seen in the creation of xiao long bao – twisted-top dumplings that hold sumptuous pork, or pork and crabmeat filling, as well as a delicious hot broth. They’re incredibly difficult to get right, as the dumpling dough has to be thick enough to hold the broth, but thin enough to pierce with a chopstick. Despite the difficulty involved, New Shanghai’s chefs are old hands, turning out hundreds of these marvellous morsels every day.

The same expertise is applied to every dish, so ordering plenty of plates isn’t out of the question; this is lucky as there are more than 80 dishes to choose from. After devouring your first basket of xiao long bao, mix it up with steamed vegetarian dumplings, or get hot under the collar with prawn wontons, doused in chilli oil and peanut and sesame sauce.

Aside from the expansive selection of dumplings, pork buns and wontons, there are plenty of other Shanghai-style treats.

The salt and pepper soft-shell crab is a fabulously fishy option, but the stir- fried clams with XO sauce are definitely worth considering. The braised lamb with sweetened soy sauce offers a tasty alternative to pork, while the sauteed spinach with garlic cuts through the heaviness of the proteins perfectly.

There is just as much choice in the drinks menu, with everything from classic Chinese tea to house-mixed sodas and smoothies. If it’s after midday, you can also BYO wine, or order a cocktail, which includes collaborations with other local business. The Southern Air is an incredible concoction of Yvette Violette liqueur, Gelato Messina coconut and pandan sorbet, lemon juice and sugar syrup.

Exceptional design extends throughout the restaurant, where care has been taken to mirror the feel of Shanghai’s old Longtang alleyway. The interior moves through the history and geography of Shanghai, with European inspired elements highlighting the former French concession area renowned for its historical significance and beauty.

New Shanghai is more than a one-trick pony. While its xiao long bao might have people flocking to its doors, its delicious Shanghai-style dishes, considered cocktails and friendly service keep them returning for more.

Locate New Shanghai Westfield Sydney

Shop 1017-1020, Westfield Sydney, 188 Pitt St, Sydney


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