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A delicious crispy basket of goodness, the hopper, is set to be the next food trend to take our shores by storm. Hailing from the street sides of Sri Lanka, it’s the perfect project for food trucks everywhere.

But the recipe is no easy feat. Shaped like a wide bowl, the hopper can be likened to a crepe. The batter is made from fermented rice flour and the process can take up to three days. This unusual process adds an additional nutritional element, allowing minerals like iron to be more readily absorbed. It’s also gluten free, another win for our food-intolerant population.

The hopper is cooked in a bowl-shaped frying pan (appachetty) and traditionally filled with egg, a pol (coconut) sambol or a spicy onion relish and a curry (usually fish or chicken). Now thanks to Hopper Kadé, you no longer have to travel to Colombo to try it out.

Originally the concept was a product of a love that Ruvanie De Zoysa and Chris Goffin had for hoppers on a family trip to Sri Lanka. This vision grew to see them collaborate with Kumar Pereira – everyone’s favourite contestant from Masterchef series three – to develop Hopper Kade´ into a thriving market stall. At the start of this year, Hopper Kadé took a creative turn, which saw Ruvanie and Chris bring the concept into its current format. Hoper Kadé has now taken up residence at Glebe’s Tramsheds and trades Friday to Sunday each week.

Aside from the traditional hoppers, Hopper Kadé is cooking up some funky fusion creations. The Ozzie bridges the gap between Sri Lanka and Sydney, with caramelised salted bacon and tomato relish as well as a free range egg; a dish created exclusively for Hopper Kadé by Kumar Periera. For those who don’t want to venture too far from a classic brunch, the avo smash hopper should do the trick.

For something more Sri Lankan, the punny Dhaling Harbour is a vegetarian’s delight, with their secret dhal recipe, grilled zucchini finished with a free range egg, or opt for the 12-hour marinated beef with Ceylonese curry sauce.

The thin crispiness of the crepe bowl means you’ll always have room for seconds. Head back for dessert and indulge in the sweet varieties. Get your chocolate fix with a Nutella and banana hopper, or freshen up with a yoghurt and fruit option.

Hopper Kade is also fully licenced. Sample wines from Dimbulla Estate in Hunter Valley run by Sri-Lankan born Dilip Kumar or try a Sri Lankan inspired honey wheat beer from Barossa Brewing Company.

As pioneers of the latest food trend, Hopper Kadé has created a cult following with its inventive combinations and unique flavours. For a modern taste of Sri Lanka, hop on over to the tasty Tramsheds and try one out for yourself.

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