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Three things that really matter at First Drop Cafe are having an extensive menu, catering for diverse food choices and tastes, and providing top service.

Tucked away in a renovated corner shop in East Redfern, you will find a café with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, customers spoilt for choice, and not only vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, but paleo options as well.
You might think It’s a case of old-style décor and service with new-style food choices, but you can’t call paleo ‘new’ – it stands for ‘palaeolithic’, and is often called the ‘stone age diet’!

Owners, Michael Savvakis and John Theodore, have always shared a passion for all things food and a love of good coffee. From humble beginnings growing up in Greek delicatessens, cafeterias and fruit shops, they both have fond memories of enjoying good food and coffee with happy people, and the community spirit it engendered amongst them.
Deciding that they were terrible at many things but fantastic chefs and baristas, there was only one thing to do. Using their extensive experience in the hospitality industry, the idea for First Drop Cafe soon came about.

Management duties are shared between them and they are ably supported by Head Chef, Daniel Requiz, who has extensive local and international experience, helping bring a blend of global flavours to the menu. Breakfasts and lunches are top of the menu, with breakfasts boasting smooth, strong coffee supplied by a local roaster, famous fresh juices, and free range eggs from the Hawksberry River region. Customers are even able to ‘customise’ their choices for breakfast or lunch.

A typical paleo option might be the oven-baked salmon fillet, with poached egg, crunchy quinoa, sautéed kale, and organic almonds; but the signature recipe here is the home-made beans.

Local quality and freshness are guaranteed. Meats are provided by a Surry Hills butcher and all sourced from regional New South Wales. This is in addition to the gold medal award-winning bacon which from comes from a local artisan butcher. Fruit and vegetables are from a provedore based at Flemington Markets, who sources fresh produce from Sydney-based farmers.

With First Drop Cafe open for ten years now, Michael and John have built quite a following and some close relationships, with many customers considered part of a very extended family. There is plenty of room to keep everyone happy too, with spacious outdoor seating under a huge wrap-around awning to please those who like to watch the world go by. Due to its great location on Baptist Street, sunshine streams through the windows all day, keeping everyone warm in the winter months.

The cafe also has a growing retail section, with a great range of quality, locally-produced goods such as organic free range eggs, organic and spelt pastas, tasty tomato sauces and fig jams.

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69 Baptist Street, East Redfern, NSW


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