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It’s a well known fact that cooking can be considered an art form. Just as artists approach a canvas with care, chefs apply their artistic flair to raw ingredients, combining flavours and textures to create culinary masterpieces that jump from plate to palate within the very first bite.

The chefs at Indian restaurant, Delhi By The Way, are just that; culinary artists that take the very best elements of Northern Indian cuisine and unite it with the freshest Australian ingredients to create dishes that are simultaneously modern and authentic, approachable yet refined.

Born and raised in vibrant Delhi, owner Susheel Kumar longed for the flavours of his home country. He wanted to create a place that brought back memories of the time spent with his friends and family, and so opened his own patch of paradise in 2015; a venue where he could celebrate a love of North Indian cooking right in the middle of Sydney’s lively dining scene.

Indian cuisine is typically created with regional flavours and recipes that not only vary from place to place but from family to family. It’s just one of the reasons that a typical Indian meal has such a homely feel to it. The menu at Delhi By The Way delves into the epitome of this culture, known for using fragrant garam masala, dried curry leaves, tamarind paste and sambar spices. These flavours are then applied to a vast selection of proteins, all sourced locally from Sydney’s markets.

Head Chef, Robin Shaotha, is originally from Punjab, and uses aromatic ingredients to honour his birthplace. He received his formal cooking training in Patiala, a city known for specialising in Northern Indian food, before relocating to London where he worked in several restaurants. From there, he found his way to Sydney and the Potts Point restaurant.

In true Indian style, feasting is the smartest choice at Delhi By The Way. Start with smoky tandoor-roasted eggplants or paneer cooked in baby spinach. For mains, dig into an authentic spiced chicken curry, or if you’re ready for the spicy stuff, order the hot goat curry, inspired by the recipes from the old British clubs of Delhi.

The range of delicious specialties continue with dishes like lamb cooked in cashew nut gravy, and star anise beef. When it comes to vegetarian options, the daal tadka will transport you to Grand Trunk Road. Add biryani rice, naan breads, chutney and masala papadums, and your feast will be fit for royalty.

Delhi By The Way was recently recognised for its outstanding service with two Chef Hats. Set in a two-storey terrace house and open for lunch and dinner, it is unassumingly elegant with a combination of Indian and contemporary accents.

Undoubtedly a family favourite, Delhi By The Way welcomes a diverse clientele, from intimate dinners to corporate events and birthday parties. It’s the ideal blank canvas on which chefs can work their flavour magic, looking after the culinary needs of everyone who walks through its doors.

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42 Kellett Street, Potts Point NSW


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