Dave Galvin and Paul Schulte of SITE Hospitality Group are reviving the Coogee Bay Hotel.

Dave is no newcomer to the hospitality scene, having helped to roll out QT Hotels and Resorts throughout Australia. He and Paul have teamed up with local and international architects, designers and consultants.

The refreshed Coogee Bay Hotel will feature two food trucks. West Coast trawlers will offer Californian inspired fresh tacos and poke bowls from a refurbished vintage caravan. Kebab Shop will also be on site with new-age gyros and other Greek treats.

There’s also a new menu created by Head Chef Andrew Prasad. The menu will feature locally sourced, fresh, seasonal produce.

When it comes to drinks turn to Lindsey Potts who will be heading up The Beach Bar.


Locate Coming Soon: Coogee Bay Hotel

253 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee


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