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Wolli Creek’s newest burger-based digs, Concept Burger, is changing the way we think about, consume and experience burgers, one flavour at a time. Taking hints from cuisines across the globe, from Asian to European and beyond, Concept Burgers is all about flavoursome twists on the humble burger unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

Owners, Sergio Spagnuoli and Coco Liang, opened the doors in July, inspired by their love of international cuisines and, of course, burgers. Sergio and Coco have teamed up with chef, Tomislav Martinovic, whose burger flipping expertise comes from his time at Five Point Burgers. Together, the trio have come up with a repertoire of burgers that your passport would be proud of.

There’s no escaping Concept Burger’s strong multicultural theme, as the first thing you’ll spot is a striking world map set against a white background. The playful fuchsia finishes contrast with the polished concrete floors and black tiling, and combine with the fresh ingredients stuffed within the burgers to provide colour. The open plan kitchen is set at the centre of the venue, so you can watch the sizzles and smell those sweet burger scents being flipped and plated up right before your eyes.

Start your culinary journey close to home with the Chinese Burger. Fresh milk buns are stuffed full of five spice fried chicken, Szechuan pepper, celeriac slaw, cos lettuce and then slathered in fermented chilli paste, capturing the heat of authentic Chinese flavours. If the heat is a little too much, cool off with a delicious smoothie, like the raw cocoa mix with banana and yoghurt, seasoned with a little sea salt for the perfect balance.

If it’s a European bite you hanker for or you’re feeling fancy and French, the roasted field mushroom burger with truffle paste, gruyere cheese, oak lettuce and red cabbage slaw is ticking all the boxes of Parisian flavour. Top it off with a crisp glass of white and you’ll be envisioning yourself devouring this meal in the Tuileries Gardens in no time.

All beef burgers are made using premium Black Angus beef, like the Argentinian burger with smoked paprika, cheese, chimichurri sauce, grilled eggplants and of course some chipotle chilli. This bite is best enjoyed alongside a refreshing mocktail (or spike it with your choice of vodka, rum or gin) like the Winter’s Rose, a delicious concoction of orange, passionfruit, rose, lychee and ginger flavours.

Burger-loving globe trotters now have a new home in Wolli Creek at Concept Burger. No need to pack your bags for this one, just head on over, choose your destination and let your tastebuds do the talking.

Locate Concept Burger

9-11 Arncliffe Street, Wolli Creek NSW


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