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With its modern Asian food, crafty cocktails, trendy designer fit-outs and finely tuned service, Chin Chin is probably one of the most quintessential-Australian restaurants around. And the Surry Hills edition takes this know-how to a whole new level. Chin Chin Sydney exists in three exciting parts. A private dining room offering up to 125 diners a private Chin Chin experience, named ChiiTown, a Sydney edition of their famous GoGo bar and, of course, the restaurant.

Sydney diners can be treated to their favourite Melbourne classics with that signature Chin Chin combination of heat, spice and exotic herbs being brought to life by Executive Chef, Graeme Hunt and Head Chef, Ben Torrens. Delicious temptations are made more exciting with the addition of a custom charcoal pit and rotisserie and include items like the Spicy Isaan Duck Larb with ground roast rice and lime, the Twice-Cooked Beef Short Rib with shaved coconut salad, and the Rotisserie Pork Belly with fennel plum pickle and scud chilli death sauce.

Continuing the Lucas Group’s philosophy that eating and drinking should be fun, the cocktail menu, curated by Bartender of the Year, Michael Chiem, experiments with a few left-of-centre ingredients. Coriander, chipotle, watermelon jam and Herradura Blanco are married in the ‘Hey Zeus’, while Plantation 3 Stars Rum is combined with lime and green curry paste for the punchy ‘Green Curry Mary’. Alongside these dazzling cocktails is a wine list headed by Sydney’s first all-women wine team: Head Sommelier, Jacqueline Turner, Assistant Manager of Wine and Beverage, Lilly Polanco, and Sommelier, Lauren Norman. The women oversee a 130-strong wine list as well as five wines on tap.

Housed in Surry Hills’ iconic Griffiths Tea building development, Chin Chin Sydney is the perfect unification of old and new styles. Maintaining the 100-year-old façade and windows, the designers have respected the heritage of the building but layered it with a cheeky, modern Chin Chin touch. Those iconic neon rabbit ears seem to pop up all over the place with modern marble, charcoal and steel finishes to create a luxurious, moody vibe. Top this all off with the blonde wood bistro chairs with duck feather seat covers and you have one hell of a fit-out.

“It’s been a long time coming, but I am genuinely excited to launch Chin Chin in Sydney,” said the Lucas Group founder, Chris Lucas. “In Sydney, I have a talented team and we are thrilled to share Chin Chin and the historic Griffiths Tea building with everyone.”

Whether you are an avid foodie or casual diner, it is easy to agree that the second chapter to the Chin Chin story is hardly a copy of its older sister down south, but rather a fierce competitor. Paving the way for a new form of dining in the New South Wales capital, this Australian food icon is here to stay.


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69 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills NSW


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