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Restaurateur, Kaisern Ching, is no stranger to getting people to take notice of Chinese food. He is passionate about delighting Sydneyås increasingly sophisticated diners with the authentic tastes of Chinese cuisine with a contemporary edge.

Kaisern can often be found experimenting in the off-site development kitchen, designing new menu items or fine-tuning existing dishes. Keeping a keen eye on the Asian world food scene helps him to continually play with flavours and to create new taste experiences for his patrons.

The restaurant has won several awards since opening in 2010 and already has three locations, with two in the CBD: at Town Hall, near the leisure and entertainment hub, and off Jamison Street from George Street opposite Australia Square, near the business hub of the city. These are deliberately located slightly out of China Town to differentiate the Chefs Gallery dining experience from the standard Chinese restaurant fare.

The menu avoids many of the clichéd dishes that you will find in other Chinese restaurants. The restaurant doesn’t even look typically Chinese – no jade statues, bright red furnishings or bubbling water fountains here. The interiors feature more muted colours and it is all rather understated. The food is left to do the talking, and the atmosphere is one of sharing plates in no particular order, in time-honoured Chinese style.

The Chefs Gallery cuisine is mainly inspired by four distinct areas of China: Shandong, Su, Guangdong/Canton and Sichuan. The Chapas (Chinese style tapas) menu allows you to sample a variety of dishes specially prepared in small portions for sharing. The various delicate dumplings have very thin skins and boast an array of delicious fillings.
Another house speciality is the Dongpo pork belly, which is a slow-cooked Hangzhou dish with origins dating back more than a thousand years.

Centre stage are the variety of dishes inspired by the silky, hand-made and hand-stretched noodles. As you watch Chefs Gallery’s master noodle makers work their magic through the glass-walled kitchen, you soon get the picture that noodles ain’t just noodles here! Balls of special noodle dough are pulled and folded into strands by the skilled noodle makers who prepare all types of traditional noodles as well as modern variation, like spinach and squid ink flavours.

Alongside Kaisern, the head chef, Jin Rong Liao, ensures as much produce is carefully chosen from suppliers in the Sydney basin area as possible, bringing maximum freshness to all dishes. It’s clearly working, as the queues stretching out of the door and down the street are testament to the consistent popularity of the food.

“Sydney can be a harsh food critic. But there is a great buzz of accomplishment when you see happy and satisfied customers. These are discerning people who can eat anywhere, in any style, and at any price. So choosing one of our restaurants is an immeasurable reward,” said Kaisern.

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