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Some of Sydney’s top chefs are trying their luck flipping burgers at Burger Head in Penrith.

Don’t expect a standard fast-food style sandwich from Burger Head. Although the owners are still in their 20s, Richard Bog, Joshua DeLuca and Timothy Rosenstrauss have some serious experience behind them. Josh has previously worked at Mathias Dahlgren, the two-starred Michelin restaurant in Stockholm, as well as Quay in Sydney, while Richard spent time at Momofuku Seibo. Tim enjoyed a stint in London where he got his first taste of creating gourmet burgers at Bleeker Burger.

Sick of travelling into the city to find a great burger? The trio set up shop near their homes in Sydney’s western suburbs.

With the team’s experience, you can expect some of the most flavoursome burgers around town. If you’re not sure what to order, start with a simple cheeseburger, or step it up a notch with the Louis burger, which adds some fresh salad items and caramelised onion to the classic dish.

Vegetarians won’t miss out either, with the intriguingly named Mike Tyson mushroom burger with kale and cabbage.

The chefs’ talented background is noted through surprises in each offering. Take the Clucker; this buttermilk fried chicken burger is finished with malt-pickled onion.

While all burgers are served with fries, there are plenty of options if you’re still a little peckish. Bacon popcorn is, as expected, a very popular option, while the mashed potato with gravy has the refreshingly honest description of being “diet ruining.”

Save room for dessert, you’ll want to wrap your hands around a vanilla ice cream sandwich with a rum-caramel surprise hidden inside.

The offerings are only going to become more exciting as the ex fine dining chefs start experimenting. Once Burger Head has settled into its Penrith digs, daily specials will include Korean-inspired burger offerings and liquid-nitrogen-frozen desserts.

The trio may have started Burger Head to stop those in the west trekking into the city, but it won’t be long before those in the city are all heading to Penrith in search of some of Sydney’s tastiest burgers

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98 Henry Street Penrith


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