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When it comes down to it, there’s nothing better than a perfectly cooked steak served with a simple side of homemade French fries and a refreshing walnut salad. The simplicity and elegance of this classic dish is the reason it’s the only main meal offered at Brasserie l’Entrecôte.

While only serving one main dish may seem like a new, bold idea, owners Francois Perego, Johan Giausseran and Vincent Ventura borrowed the concept from le Relais de l’Entrecôte – a famous one-dish steakhouse in Paris. With decades of hospitality experience between them, the trio of French owners are more than up to the task of championing this single dish.

Francois opened his first restaurant, Le Simpatic O, in Australia back in 1986. Despite the success, he felt a little homesick and headed back to Dijon in France to open the same restaurant there. After a few more years, he headed back to Sydney and opened Le Simpatic O once more – after all, when you’ve got the perfect recipe for success, why change it?

Vincent and Johan had been friends for years when they first crossed paths with Francois. The pair had previously worked together and discovered they shared many of the same ideas and goals – including opening a French style steakhouse.

Vincent and Johan were one chef short of their dream when they met Francois. When they discovered he also imagined a restaurant that championed steaks, it became clear they had the perfect team to achieve their goal.

The spoils of their combined efforts can be seen throughout Brasserie l’Entrecôte’s menu, where the perfectly cooked steak is king. When your offerings are simple, the quality of ingredients is key. Francois, Johan and Vincent source from small local businesses, whose passion for quality products mirrors their own.

There are plenty of options to start, and in each dish traditional French recipes are prepared with quality Australian and French produce. It’s hard to go past the double-baked goat’s cheese soufflé with a trio of cheeses – it’s a rich dish that is surprisingly light and fluffy at the same time.

For mains, there’s the famous steak frites. The concept is simple: Francois starts with a sirloin steak of the highest quality, cooks it to perfection and tops it with Brasserie l’Entrecôte’s secret sauce. It’s accompanied by a simple walnut salad and crispy, house-made pomme frites.

For dessert, take your pick of wonderful French indulgences. Try the ultimate French dessert – a delicate macaron served with pistachio Chantilly cream and a scoop of wild berry ice cream Quality French cuisine deserves quality French wines and at Brasserie l’Entrecôte you’ll find plenty of high quality European drops sitting alongside some local favourites. While your first instinct might be to order a bold Heathcote shiraz with your steak, look a little further and see which of the cabernet sauvignons on offer might tickle your fancy.

While it was a bold move to only offer one main course, for Francois, Johan and Vincent, the risk has paid off. Without any tricks, the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the chefs can speak for themselves.

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