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Bing it on in Barangaroo: meet the burb’s newest contender, Bing’s Bao & Beer.

Barangaroo dwellers already have a tough time choosing where to eat. But if steamed buns get you up in the morning and soy sauce runs through your veins, we’re guessing you’ll want to bump Bing’s Bao & Beer up to the top of your list.

The restaurant is the brainchild Chris Yan, the Head Chef at Lotus Dining. Bing’s is a solo venture delivering a casual, retro-style eating experience serving up quality fare in a relaxed setting. Take a seat at the yellow, red and jade 70s themed bar, invoking vintage Hong Kong glam. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick lunch to escape the office or grabbing a drink after work, Bing’s knows what’s up when it comes to catering for a crowd.

Chris’ menu was inspired by his childhood memories of traditional Shanghainese food.

“I love bao, it was a simple breakfast for me growing up in Shanghai, [made] either plain or with pork mince,” he says.

Bing’s is a testament to the blessed bao – a soft, baked milk bread with a fluffy consistency that can be accompanied by an assortment of different flavours. Explore flavour combinations such as braised beef brisket with lemon aspen, coriander and white pepper, or crumbed fish fillet with chilli jam. In true Shanghai style, Bing’s menu features a play on the traditional pork mince with the option to munch on a soft bao filled with red braised pork belly with pickled Chinese cabbage. For something sweet, sink your teeth into a sugary bao, sweetened with palm sugar, coconut ice-cream and green tea.

If your heart years for something other than bao, Bing’s noodles are just the ticket. Think fried pork cutlet marinated in lemongrass, or prawn and calamari with chicken broth and mushrooms. Slurp it up with soupy noodles. Rice bowls are also a hit: the minced pork, Sichuan chilli bean and shredded cucumber number is the perfect workday treat. Add a side of veggies dressed in tamari and olive oil and that’s quite the lunchtime package.

Bing has also teamed up with Brookvale Brewery to create a custom range of pale ales. Or sip on your choice of bottled cocktails by Kate McGraw – there are tiki-style cocktails, highballs and ready-to-drink deliciousness right at your fingertips.

Bing’s Bao & Beer is serving up lunch, dinner and snacks from Monday to Friday, adding another culinary dimension to The Streets of Barangaroo’s already glowing food scene.

Locate Bing’s Bao & Beer

Shop 9, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo


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