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Walking along the tree-lined setting of Transvaal Avenue prepares you for the European-style cafe atmosphere that you will find at Bar Indigo. There's something that speaks of long, warm Mediterranean afternoons spent lazing about over good food and drink with friends.

With the warm weather comes outside seating in comfortable, black wicker chairs, and the quiet street is great for watching the daily routine of Double Bay. And although Bar Indigo serves modern Australian food, it is all produced with a European-trattoria twist.

Owned and operated by industry veterans and firm friends, Anthony Moustacas and Christian Verges, the pair sought to create the ultimate dining experience – exceptional service, food of the finest quality and coffee to rival any espresso bar. And this they have done – complete with alfresco dining, hand-picked staff and their own unique blend of pick me up.

This is a restaurant that sees being carefree and comfortable as top priorities, and this requires refined menus, astute service, and exceptionally tasty coffee. “We source only the best and freshest produce,” said Anthony. “Sydney has the best features from around Australia all rolled into one amazing city.”

The restaurant’s coffee is blended in-house, and it offers a rich and creamy flavour profile. While sipping a cappuccino beneath the white umbrellas, you’ll find the menu quite extensive. It is divided into several subcategories; for example, beneath the “From the Farm” section, you’ll find dishes that feature free-range eggs picked up daily from a nearby farm; beneath the “From the Deli” section, you’ll find such delicacies as Tasmanian smoked salmon and Wagyu corn beef; and beneath “From the Garden,” you’ll find dishes utilising heaps of produce from gardens in the area. The selection is wide enough to please most tastes.

Kevin Connors, the head chef, makes sure to provide plenty of health-conscious options as well, such as the signature Grilled Garlic-Marinated Lamb Salad, which is served with crispy flat bread, sweet yoghurt, Brussels sprout leaves, fresh orange segments, drunken raisins, watercress, grilled radicchio, and mint leaves. Another signature dish is the Breakfast Bruschetta, which features bacon, poached eggs, avocado, tomato salsa, and balsamic reduction. Along with earning a reputation for healthy and delicious dishes, the cafe is also known for its large portions.

The cherry on top of it all is Kevin’s presentation of the dishes, which often seem too pretty to eat. For instance, with edible flowers and diagonal plating, the salads resemble little strips of flower gardens, as though someone took a slice of a Rembrandt painting. Diving in, knowing that it was all prepared for you, is one of the cafe’s hidden pleasures.

This reliable venue is always buzzing with locals, as well as those visiting the area for shopping and going to the beach. It’s worth joining the crowd, as it signals something unique inside.  Bar Indigo serves breakfast and lunch.

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6/75 Cross Street, Double Bay, NSW


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