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Looking for Sydney’s best restaurants? We’ve done the hard yards for you.

The search for the best restaurants in Sydney has taken us from the beautiful Northern Beaches to the sands of the south. We’ve tasted pho in Parramatta and brunch in Bondi to bring you our top picks of places to munch the day away.

This sprawling city’s diversity means there is truly every type of cuisine you could hope for, and there are new places everyday for you to explore and uncover. We’ve got every part of this beautiful city covered, from hole-in-the wall cafes to opulent fine dining. Whether you’re up for a casual hangout spot or planning an unforgettable special occasion, we’ve done the research for you.

The story behind the best restaurants in Sydney

Finding new restaurants to add to your must-try list is easy – we’ll keep you updated with all our foodie finds. Or you can pop in your location and price and we’ll hunt down your perfect venue; with the help of our super-speedy search function, you’ll have an awesome evening every time.

But we go further than that – we’re constantly searching out the stories behind this eclectic food scene. We’ve talked the the chefs, restaurateurs and people in the know to find out Sydney’s little-known secrets and get the word from the people who make our foodie dreams a reality. Whether it’s the young guns behind that new cafe or the chef who’s a national treasure, we like to find out what inspires their culinary pursuits.

With a detailed listing of bars, cafes and restaurants throughout Sydney, we love finding new itineraries for foodie adventures.

Prove it! Let us in on your Sydney knowledge! If you know of a stand-out venue we’ve missed, please tell us all about it – get in touch at smudge@smudgepub.com.au.