• Opening April

A butchery for fish? This unique idea comes from the brains behind Saint Peter in Paddington, Josh and Julie Niland, who have driven their dream to reality. Fish Butchery will be opening in Paddington in early April, but it won’t be your average fish shop.

Widely acclaimed for their innovative and sustainable seafood offering at the Two Hat restaurant, Saint Peter, the couple’s next venture takes the form of a modern fishmonger with a full menu of dry handled fish, cut to order. It will swap displays of mounds of ice for static refrigeration and replace jam-packed back fridges with 0 – 2-degree non-fanned cool rooms. Each fish will be dry scaled, gutted, filleted and pin-boned before being cut and prepared at the specific request of each customer.

Josh and Julie have built up a strong relationship with Sydney Fish Markets which they will take with them into the Fish Butchery venture. This means the freshest of the day’s catch will be available at market price and include more options than the typical snapper and John Dory. By offering a more diverse selection of fish, Josh and Julie are maintaining their focus on sustainability.

Fish Butchery will be the first of its kind in Sydney. It will start out as just a fish butcher in the revamped space that was once a hair salon, though Josh has plans to bring teaching and learning into the space in the near future.

“It will be great to have a larger space at the butchery to run industry training programs,” Josh said.

Locate Coming Soon: Fish Butchery

Oxford Street, Paddington


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