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There is a new superhero in town. The Australian Superfood Co celebrates the knowledge of Indigenous Australians for sources of native food and medicine, creating a range of products infused with ancient superfoods straight from our red dust soil.

Founder, Hayley Blieden, is the one to thank for bringing these li le known gems to the forefront of our culinary radar. Having completed her studies in nutrition and dietetics, she spent two years researching the health benefits of native Australian superfoods. Spending time in Indigenous communities where wild bush tucker was harvested, she was taught by community elders about the rich history and cultural significance of foods they’d been consuming for generations.

Noticing that Australians were quick to embrace healthy fare from around the globe but ignore what was right at home, Hayley decided to fill the gap in the market. She set out to promote Australian superfoods and share their great taste and nutritional value with her country.

The Australian Superfood Co endeavours to support the Aboriginal communities that share such valuable knowledge. Working with a number of recognised not-for- profit organisations, they aim to improve the educational standards of Indigenous children and increase employment opportunities.

‘Spending time in Indigenous communities where wild bush tucker was harvested, she was taught by community elders about the rich history and cultural significance of foods they’d been consuming for generations.’

When creating the product range, Hayley and her team looked at the unique, nutritionally rich ingredients that are found in a traditional Aboriginal diet.

Promoting the message that Australia is a land of a natural abundance and prosperity that deserves to be celebrated, The Australian Superfood Co aims to improve the health of all Australians by including more nutrient rich, locally sourced, sustainable foods into our everyday diets.

The proof is in the product. The entire range is jam packed with native superfoods that have been dietitian approved and are 100% natural. Packaged foods are o en riddled with hidden nasties, but there are none of these in sight.

The Raw Bars are a combination of healthy, natural ingredients that are portioned into controlled servings, making for the perfect nourishing and convenient on-the-go snack. They are 100% natural, gluten- and dairy-free and contain no added sugar. Try the naturally sweet Ancient Rainforest Berry bar with dates, almonds and coconut.

You can also find Freeze Dried Superfood Powders, perfect for enhancing cooking or adding to your morning smoothie. They provide a natural nutrient boost with a unique and exotic flavour without the additives. Add dried, roasted and crushed Wattleseed to your baking or Quandong to your breakfast bowl.

These powerful ingredients also can be purchased whole in air-dried form, which when rehydrated, are a great flavour addition to desserts and salads. Most importantly, the products are affordable, convenient and nutritious. Grab the Air-Dried Riberry and add it to your yoghurt, over ice cream or eat it raw.

All of the products are stocked Australia wide in health food stores, specialty and independent supermarkets, green grocers and pharmacies, so The Australian Superfood Co goodies are always within an arm’s reach.

Read more about Hayley and Australian Superfood Co here.

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