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The passion for creating beautiful, delicious food is contagious at Rosebery’s VIVE Cooking School. With a selection of classes based on understanding and appreciating food, its origins, and its importance as a means of bringing people together, the cooking school offers a truly unique educational experience.

VIVE was established in mid-2016 by French-Cambodian foodie, Jean-Luc Tan. He wanted to create a community where like-minded people could come to learn, share and understand food. In looking for a name, he found the perfect moniker in ‘vive’ – in French, it’s an adverb used for celebrating someone or something, and also happens to be a shortened version of his wife’s name.

The business was created to pay homage to Jean-Luc’s hard working and nurturing parents. After fleeing the Cambodian civil war in 1975, his mother and father moved to France where they established a successful business venture. Jean-Luc said, “Despite the long working days, my parents always made time to cook dinner and share this ritual with my siblings and me every night.”

Through the creation of VIVE Cooking School, Jean-Luc aims to share the deep respect for food he was taught by his parents. The first part of this process is fostering connections with a range of artisans, producers and growers to ensure ingredients are top quality. Understanding the sourcing process is an incredibly important part of creating good cuisine, as this is where the respect for food begins.

Many of these artisans, as well as chefs and industry experts, frequent VIVE to provide hands-on workshops and classes. One such talent is VIVE’s resident Head Chef, Julien Vasseur, who was raised in the French countryside surrounded by animals, vegetables and farmland, and developed a love of rustic French family cooking at an early age.

Julien went on to attend France’s best culinary schools before spending time working across the world as a chef in both restaurant and private settings. He brings a wealth of experience and deep passion for food to his role at VIVE, something he shares with students in his engaging and entertaining classes.

Students of VIVE Cooking School can choose from a selection of technique- based classes with cuisines spanning French, Italian, Mexican, Thai and more. With expert guidance, participants learn skills, create dishes and eat a three- course meal before taking home recipes, tips and techniques to share with family and friends. Classes can range from sauce fundamentals, knife skills and pasta making, to cooking vegan, gourmet on a budget and cooking gluten free.

Jean-Luc and Julien are joined at VIVE by the talented Martine Lafarges. Leaving the corporate world behind, she was inspired by the similarities between VIVE’s values and her own, which were passed on from her mum and grandmother. She’s now passed these same ideals onto her own children. Martine’s various experiences and can-do attitude now shape the VIVE experience.

VIVE Cooking School offers a fun, engaging and challenging experience. The classes are designed to be accessible to all level of cooking but entertaining at the same time. Whether you’re a novice or a talented home cook already, there will be something for you on every visit.

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