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We all have that friend that really knows their stuff when it comes to wine, that one person you always hand the wine list to and, when the waiter comes over to take drink orders, every eye turns to them. Surry Hills’ NOMAD Wine School is giving you the chance to be that person, or at least the ability to understand what they are talking about when tossing-up between pinot gris and pinot grigio.

The NOMAD Wine School is offering guests the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and enhance their wine knowledge. The sessions are structured as a series of classes that will delve into the intricacies of wine styles, grape varieties, viticulture and the winemaking process.

Those who wish to decipher their cabernet franc from their cabernet sauvignon can opt for either the NOMAD Saturday Wine School or Wine Masterclass. The Wine School is a 5 ½ hour extravaganza that is held once a month. In these sessions, everything from the basics of wine tasting to the impact of geography and climate is covered. Throughout the day, guests will taste 10-12 wines that will be available for purchase at the end of the day. Lunch and an afternoon cheese course will be provided to help keep you sharp and soak up at least a little of the wine.

The Wine Masterclass is better suited for those who would rather a speedy introduction into the wine world. These 1 ½ hour evening classes are run during the week and cover a variety of themes from winter wines to festive wines and even natural wine.

NOMAD director of wine, Simon Howland, will be hosting these events. Everything is kept intimate and casual so each class is limited to just 20 people. His main goal is to present wine in its most approachable form to guests, without all the fuss some people often layer on top of it.

“NOMAD invests a lot of time and effort into our wine offering,” Simon says. “These classes are a way of sharing our journey.”

Like NOMAD itself, the classes look to celebrate the diverse community of wine that Australia has developed. A wine education from NOMAD looks at unique, small producers from across the country and highlights the exciting industry that Australia’s wine world has become.

The classes will cost $250 for the Saturday Wine School and $150 for the evening Masterclass. For more dates and ticket purchases head to nomadwine.com.au/wineschool

Locate NOMAD Wine School

16 Foster Street, Surry Hills NSW


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