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Pickling and preserving are techniques that have stood the test of time. Now, Cornersmith Picklery has brought them back into fashion with their ‘eat with the seasons, preserve the bounty’ philosophy.

Marrickville café owners, James Grant and Alex Elliot-Howery, follow a sustainable ethos and make everything from scratch using local, in-season produce and to reduce food wastage, they pickle and preserve anything left over.

The success of their cafe led to them opening of a cooking school, housed within their retail space called the Picklery.. With regulars flooding to the cafe to bask in their simple, home grown food, the obvious next step was to teach more people on this sustainable way of preserving fresh goods.

Cornersmith offers a series of workshops, one hour kitchen-skills classes, community talks, pop ups and events. The classes teach traditional techniques for modern kitchens and are designed for both new and experienced home cooks, with an emphasis on local, seasonal produce. They are very hands on, with passionate teachers who are devoted to their craft and sharing their knowledge.

Guests can learn the art of vinegar-based pickling and preserving in the ‘Preserving for the Season: Pickles and Chutney’ class, or the craft of making jams and marmalades in the ‘Sweet Preserving: Jam, Marmalade and Bottled Fruits’ class. When lemon harvest comes around, Alex will host a class on all things lemons. The workshop involves preserving lemons in sweet and savoury methods, including candied lemon peel, sweet lemon jam and even limoncello.

Jaimee Edwards, the founding Cornersmith pickler and fermenter, hosts workshops on fermentation where guests learn to make sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented vegetables.

Further classes include pastry-making, how to bake bread and making cheese, all from your home kitchen. New workshops are added regularly with guest teachers also coming on board.

The Cornersmith Cooking School is a hands-on, fun and engaging experience, sharing techniques that are not only healthy and sustainable, but delicious.


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