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Toby’s Estate in Chippendale innovatively incorporates the placement of a window between the cafe and the roastery.

It means Toby’s Estate regulars can see that the flagship roastery is actually located right behind the wall. Now the customers make a beeline for the bench seat that overlooks the roastery, so that while they sip their Toby’s Estate blend or single origins, they can watch Master Roaster, Chris Bonney, hard at work with his team creating the specialty blends Toby’s Estate are so famous for.

Toby Smith’s coffee story is a well-known one around Sydney. He travelled to Brazil in 1998 and worked on coffee plantations, learning what he could and getting to know the farmers and the families who produced the beans. He knew that someone needed to get this coffee into the hands of coffee lovers, without it going through mass processing and big business. He came home, learned to roast in his Mum’s garage, and now Toby’s Estate coffee is the coffee of choice in over 600 independent cafes across Australia. You can also find it in New York, Singapore and Manila, thank you very much.

While Toby’s Estate sources its beans from all over the globe, Toby is especially proud of the beans grown on his own farm, Finca Santa Teresa, in Panama. “I work very closely with the roasting team to develop a really specific profile from the beans grown on the farm, with our La Trinidad blend as the best example of what we have created from the farm,” Toby explained.

The house blend, Woolloomooloo, (named after the suburb where Toby first began his coffee journey) is the most popular, with its big mouthful of body and flavour. Chris describes it as “syrupy, and round with notes of spice, earth, cocoa and caramel, with a hint of brightness to keep it lively.”

In addition to the house blend and other espresso blends, Toby’s Estate offers a selection of its single origins, which change daily. Included in this rotation are three Geishas from the farm in Panama, which use washed, natural and honey processing. 2013 was the first year Toby’s Estate created the natural and honey Geisha, and they both won awards in the Best of Panama.

Before it was a cafe, the venue was the Kennett Ladder Company. Kennett’s left a few old wooden ladders behind, and they’re now hung on the walls to pay homage to the venue’s history. So take a seat by the window into the world of roasting, or by the floor-to-ceiling windows filling the space with sunlight, and continue your coffee education. If you’re really keen, sign up for an Espresso Class and learn the secrets of the trade from the very best!

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