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Three mates, not happy with the compromising standards in their workplace, were sitting in a courtyard in Artarmon one night eating ramen, when they saw an empty shop sitting just across the way. The cogs in the brains turned, and on Australia Day 2013, thea three mates opened Salvage Specialty Coffee.  Their one resolution? To only serve to their customers what they would want to be served, from the coffee, to the food, even to the Jersey milk. They treat each product with respect, and never compromise on quality. They source locally where they can, and certainly only serve what they personally endorse. The people of Artarmon lived happily ever after – The End.

Well, there’s not really any end in sight here, actually. Toby Cutler, Dan Yee and Matt Goto aren’t going anywhere. They are part of the long coffee chain and they respect their part in bringing top quality black gold to their regulars! Toby said, “The beauty is that every link in the chain of the journey of coffee is integral to the final product in the cup. From the farmer growing and processing, the buyer selecting and finding the best, through to the roast, to the barista understanding the best way to represent the coffee in the cup. The process has become a lot more personal of late when it comes to representing the care and attention that each person in the chain has put in.”

The three mates/owners rotate days running the bar, and log their parameters daily in order to constantly improve and maintain a consistent product between the individual operators.

The house blend at Salvage is a seasonal blend focused on best showcasing the coffee in milk as well as producing an interesting and complex espresso. Coffee used in the blend changes regularly, depending on what is in season. The coffee is by Artificer Specialty Coffee and is roasted by Dan Yee and Shoji Sasa.

Salvage Specialty Coffee also offers batch brewed coffee and hand brewed coffee – generally aeropress, or barista Toby’s personal favourite, Kalita pour over. There’s also the extremely popular cold brewed coffee, made using a full immersion brew. The boys pump out the Artificer Specialty Coffee espresso on a Synesso Hydra machine.

The food here (breakfast and lunch) looks like something out of a fine dining restaurant – beautifully presented, with delicate flavours. It’s a small menu (generally 6-7 food items), with a couple of longstanding menu staples. The food changes regularly dependent on the season. If you’re lucky, you might be there on a day they’re serving their Beetroot Cured Salmon, with horseradish crème fraiche and radish, apple and sorrel salad. A hot weather favourite is the Kingfish Ceviche with watermelon granita, cucumber and olive. Swap your boring eggs on toast for Salvage’s lightly smoked trout and asparagus with free range eggs, blood orange hollandaise and sorrel on toast. You won’t regret it.

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5 Wilkes Avenue, Artarmon NSW


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