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Passionate purveyors of a re-invented New York classic, the pastrami sandwich, have found a solid home in Marrickville.

Blown away by the number of delis on both the West and East coast, John Bogiatzis first fell in love with pastrami during his time in the States. He took it upon himself to bring a “bloody good sandwich” back to Sydney. He wanted to encourage the city’s appreciation for pastrami and Reuben sandwiches, and so, Reuben Republic was born.

John believes that individuals become so captivated by an idea that they can’t stop to think about anything else until it has been manifested. Reuben Republic is just that, the manifestation of his passion to create a premium product and experience. Here the service you generally find at high-end, five star restaurants can be enjoyed by the every-man. Reuben Republic began doing rounds of the markets, but after just one year a permanent home was found. This light, simple space boasts accents of food-inspired art and Edison-style light bulbs.

The twists, or re-invention, on the classic pastrami stem from the stigma in the US that you can’t get “real pastrami” anywhere other than the East Coast. John isn’t afraid of a little controversy and is open to debate this, himself enjoying what the West Coast has to offer.

Reuben Republic has developed its own process for the meat, adds unique toppings to the sandwich, and includes juicy pork and crispy crackling on its menu. The beef brisket is cured for a minimum of one month, slow-cooked, then smoked for up to 18 hours. Nothing is mass produced and everything is done by hand, daily, in house. Dedication to quality is at its optimum.

The menu focuses on quality over quantity, with a well selected composition of bagels and sandwiches. The East Coast Reuben – pastrami, kraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on organic light rye – fights it out for top spot against the West Coast Reuben – pastrami, funky slaw, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on dark rye. You can opt to maximise your purchase with the Massive, downsize with the Mini, or go classic with the, you guessed it, Classic. There is even a popular Veggie option.

The pork deserves a proper mention too – whether you fancy the delectable pork shoulder with crackling, funky slaw and creamy horseradish dressing sandwich, or a side of that salty, crunchy crackling on its own. Bagels range from a simple to generous, with smearing of cream cheese, to Salt Beef.

John doesn’t run his business alone; his brother Bill has been the backbone of the business, working relentlessly behind the scenes. It’s an enticing venture that brings the stuff of international foodie dreams to Marrickville.

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266 Marrickville Road, Marrickville NSW


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