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A beautifully light, fresh cafe concept in Rosebery is serving up nutritious breakfasts and relaxed lunches.

After months of hunting for a cool cafe space in Rosebery, Mentmore & Morley co-owners, Adam Flipp and Philip Davenport, were presented with the perfect location. Situated right next door to Adam’s photography studio, on the corner of Mentmore and Morley Avenues, the guys saw this as an opportunity too good to pass up. And thus, Mentmore & Morley rolled into town.

Alongside Adam and Philip the team also consists of chef, Konrad Ries and Grant Siermans. Together, they have created a fresh and modern café that is as much about creating a place where you can relax and enjoy a little tranquillity as it is about fuelling yourself with food packed with goodness and nutrients.

Splashes of green from indoor plants are scattered against the white, polished interior as ferns hang from the ceiling and weave their way through a vertical garden that will one day be lush and full of plants and florals.

Teaming up with some big and delicious names like Single Origin Coffee and Iggy’s Sourdough, the meals incorporate ingredients like sprouted bread, fermented vegetables, and kombucha to ensure you’re cafe fare is nothing short of healthy and tasty.

There are some classic breakfast dishes for those who like to stick to their firm favourites, and the option to add superfoods like spiralina for an extra kick of goodness. Lunch offerings are equally as good with hand-crafted signature salads, pastas, fresh sandwiches, a kick-ass burger, and some lovely pastries. The menu isn’t overly extensive but there’s something for everyone. They’ve even teamed up with Lucky You Cleanse so you can sip on delicious, nutritious cold pressed juices with your meal.

Design and food complement each other perfectly in this light-filled venue. The use of premium ingredients along with a dedication to their interiors and atmosphere, Mentmore & Morley is an exciting new approach to the up-and-coming cafe culture in Rosebery.


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55 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery NSW


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