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Located alongside sister restaurant Brown Sugar, Lox Stock & Barrel is one part old-school deli and one part modern, neighborhood cafe.

Neil, Lianne, and Cigalle Gottheiner, and Josh Wermut, own the restaurant and, in opening it in 2013, they wanted to bring a modern version of Jewish comfort food to Bondi.

Serving breakfast and lunch 7 days a week and dinner 4 nights, the restaurant’s foodie style appeals to its broad range of customers. “Our approach to food is that it should be healthy, delicious, and something that you feel like eating,” said Neil. After all, the very word delicatessen means “something delicious to eat,” and Lox Stock & Barrel interprets this as simple food without pretension that is cooked from the heart using what’s fresh, abundant, and in season.

The restaurant doesn’t set out to create never-before-tasted meals; rather, it works to up-date the best-loved dishes of its ancestors, drawing inspiration from pre-war Europe. You may find the taste of home in Lox’s famous Holmbrae chicken, root vegetable and noodle soup or even the Bowlarama, a breakfast favourite which features old fermentation techniques with fermented veggies and sauerkraut paired with eggs, avo, kale, seaweed and sprouted quinoa toast. “The food is Jewish in origin, but the inspiration is definitely the best of local, seasonal produce and satisfying, balanced eating,” said Neil.

Breads and bagels are baked in-house daily. Lox rolls out six types of New-York-inspired bagels, topped with either avocado, smoked lox, “Bubbi’s Chicken Liver,” egg with herb mayo or the most popular Reuben, Wagyu corned beef, Swiss and sauerkraut. House-baked breads, including decadent fruit breads, ginger breads, muffins and brioche scrolls are also on offer, and the café’s coffees are rich and reliable. The lunch menu caters to the healthy salad lovers offering 5 filling options to choose from, like hot smoked ocean trout salad with beetroot, freekah, rocket, shaved fennel, mint, zucchini, caramelised walnuts with a lemon and buttermilk dressing.

Kurt Menghetti heads the kitchen at night and adds his unique, flair for earthy flavourful combinations to each dish. Kurt may be found on his days off either surfing or foraging for local greens along the Bondi to Clovelly coast – the perfect ingredient for Lox’s Wild weed pie (filled with ricotta, goats fetta, nutmeg, chickory, sorrel, milk thistle and warrigal greens).

The dinner menu features plenty of vegetarian options from Slow Roasted Eggplant, served with a quinoa, pepita, basil, and haloumi stuffing to slow roasted pumpkin, spiced currants, pinenuts, jalapenos, Greek yoghurt and coriander. Brick chicken with rocket and panzenalla and slow-cooked lamb shoulder with hawaij spices, served with freekah salad are amongst some of the other nighty favourites.

“Our Sydney,” said Neil, “is in the heart of Bondi. People who work from home, a café, or their ute – surf, work nights, or have a few hours off between their kids’ activities. There is no 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. It’s about having a lifestyle in which you can maintain a healthy balance between work and play.”

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140 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi, NSW


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