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If Paris is the city of romance, then prepare to fall in love when you step foot into Jeff De Bruges. This French-inspired chocolatier is like no other in Australia, with everything from the selection, quality, displays, and the smells evoking an indulgent experience.

Jeff De Bruges has over 450 stores worldwide, but the Bondi location is the only store in Australia. Its creator, Philippe Jambon, established a love of confectionary when he started attending chocolate-making workshops. His passion developed into a dream to open up his own store, but first, he needed to find a name. With French heritage, Philippe’s surname translates to ‘ham’ – something you don’t want to associate with chocolate. However, he grew up in Belgium, and the first ever chocolate factory was opened in Bruges so this was an easy choice. Another of Philippe’s passions is for Jacques Brel’s song ‘Jef’, so combine the two and voila! Jeff de Bruges was born.

Roland Tabet is the man responsible for bringing the concept to Australia. He wanted to introduce the sophisticated chocolate culture of Jeff De Bruges to the local market, recognising its place in the ever-evolving food landscape.

As you enter the beautiful store, prepare yourself for the difficult choice of which type of treat to try. You’ll be overwhelmed by the choice on offer, on full display from the front cabinet. Chocolates are broken up into five categories: intense, creamy, fruity, spicy, and gourmet. These base labels are then applied to a whole range of bite-sized treats, including slabs, juliettes, ganache, pralines and fondants.

With the gourmet varieties, interesting flavours and textures are combined to present treats that delight, while still remaining balanced. Past combinations have included Bruxelles dark – a creamy and intense dark chocolate ganache, and cornet – a signature hazelnut and almond gianduja, served either soft or crunchy.

However, it’s not just bite-sized pieces that Jeff de Bruges offers. Chocolate chips sit by chocolate powders, perfect for your next baking adventure. If that wasn’t enough, Jeff de Bruges also offers ice cream that’s just as tasty. Soft serves, sorbets, and frozen yoghurt are all available in one of the handmade vanilla-flavoured cones. The topping bar allows you to be as decadent as you want with all the add-ons, such as meringues, caramelised macadamias, dark chocolate pearls, and chocolate biscuits.

Belgian and French traditions strongly inspire the recipes at Jeff De Bruges, combining the culinary and traditional cultures of Belgian chocolate making with the French approach to innovation. The result are chocolates that are beautiful to look at and even more exciting to eat. The chocolates start with quality, with Jeff De Bruges priding itself on only using the best ingredients from sustainable sources. Therefore, no product has hydrogenates, vegetable fats or palm oil.

If you think the chocolate looks too good to eat, wait until you see the packaging. The beautiful displays stacked around the room make excellent gifts for a special occasion, a loved one, or even yourself.

It’s a common sight to see people of all ages walking out of the store with their arms full of daintily boxed chocolates, ice cream in hand, and a big smile on their face – it’s become a tell-tale sign of a trip to Jeff de Bruges.



Locate Jeff de Bruges

Shop 2009, Level 2, Westfield Bondi Junction, Bondi Junction


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