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When you walk through the open doors at Edition Coffee Roasters you will instantly feel the calm, warm and charming vibe of the place. Owners, Daniel Jackson and Corie Sutherland focus their energy on serving flawless single origin coffee here. They believe that the high quality coffee they buy can be best showcased when it is roasted and served on its own, allowing the flavour of the origin to really shine through.

At Edition Coffee Roasters you can expect great attention to detail, an enthusiastic explanation of your coffee’s origins, and a calm, poised, dignified cup – just like the owners. Daniel and Corie work with integrity, passion, pride, a bit of class and style, and respect. The two have a strong believe that “there is a real magic in coffee. A collective togetherness, all striving for better.”

This isn’t Daniel’s first venture, as co-founder of Clover in Annandale and Room 10 in Potts Point he brings with him a wealth of invaluable knowledge about the coffee industry. Corie is well versed in the art of coffee too, having worked at Mecca Coffee and Toby’s Estate. It was at the World Barista Championships in 2013 that he discovered the enormous potential of single origin coffee. It was here that he met Gwilym Davies who served him an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as both an espresso and a milk-based coffee. The flavours blew Corie’s mind. He said it tasted like strawberries and smelt like flowers. It instilled in him a love for single origin coffee and a passion to bring excellent coffee to the people of Darlinghurst.

The cafe on Liverpool Street is quaint and inviting, with a mostly white interior, light wood tables and hints of Japanese design. The menu takes its inspiration from a place even further from Sydney: Scandinavia. The signature dish is the Smorrebrod – smoked king salmon on rye bread with pickled vegetables, radish and roe.   There are plenty of fresh, healthy breakfast and lunch options to choose from too, with delicate flavours and gorgeous presentation.

Currently Daniel and Corie buy green coffee from Latorre and Dutch Coffee Traders. They attend cupping sessions to taste various origins and pick the best flavours to showcase at Edition. The origins currently featured are very floral and acidic, allowing the flavour to cut through milk and shine as black or milk-based coffee. Edition Coffee Roasters also serves V60 pour over, AeroPress, cold brew, batch brew and Japanese drip.

It is one of the first places in the world you can sample Elixir coffee, a recipe that only four people worldwide actually know. It looks like whisky, feels like tea, is made from coffee, and tastes like nothing you have had before!

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265 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst NSW


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