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The green-juice sipping, quinoa munching health fanatics of today have given bread a bad rap. Sydney’s Dust Bakery is determined to change this, bringing bread back into the spotlight with a vision of producing healthy breads, slow-fermented wood-fired pizzas and sweet treats made from specially crafted stone-milled flour.

Head Chef and Owner, Cesare Salemi, has taken an innovative approach to bread, with a focus on good health and good taste. In his endeavour to ‘fix bread’, he has gone back to the source, working with Australian farmers to find the very best whole grains and then overseeing the process from grain to flour.

This is made all the easier with Dust’s on-site stone mill. The mill was hand-made in Austria especially with Dust in mind, and is used daily for stone-milling every speck of flour used in the bakery. Cesare maintains that their unique method preserves more nutrients than using conventional bakers flour, and as such, makes for a more nourishing loaf.

Alongside this unique tool is one of just two ‘Alan Scott’ wood-fired pizza ovens to be found in Australia. This is where the magic truly happens, with hundreds of delicious baked goods and crusty loaves being baked daily.

While the team at Dust are dedicated to providing Sydney with wholesome, honest bread and baked goodies, they are also committed to teaching sceptics that healthy breads really do exist. In this light, every meal on the menu at Dust includes a bread component, to be enjoyed alongside Italian meats and cheeses, as well as fresh local produce. Be it slow-cooked eggs with potato puree and toasted schiacciata soldiers, French toast with house-made brioche and berries, or their signature margherita pizza, every meal on the menu is crafted with freshness in mind.

Dust is redefining the way we think about bread, serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week for you to enjoy guilt free.

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1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge, Sydney


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