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As you peer through the enormous glass walls and catch a glimpse of the polished concrete floors and large green enamel lights, you’ll instantly be tempted to enter this cafe and join the friendly, bubbling atmosphere. Go right ahead, at Dachshund Coffee in Hunter’s Hill, it’s an open invitation to do what the doggy would do – come, sit, and stay.

In 2014, together with business partner and longtime friend, Rob Stein, twin brothers Matt and Alex Williams opened this charming cafe. It’s a long-yearned-for chance for the trio to share their passion for good coffee and utilise the hospitality skills they’ve honed over the years. Rob and Matt have experience working in Canada with 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters and this is the third cafe Alex has helped set up. Their collective experience working with notable names is also worth mentioning, Alex with Pablo & Rusty’s and Rob with Sensory Lab. The boys are intrigued and excited by coffee – this dark liquid that is a mainstay in forging relationships, starting conversations and playing such a steady part in their everyday lives.

There’s the constant shifting and changing of the product, which keeps it exciting too: new seasons, new coffees and the constant search for the perfect shot. Dachshund Coffee exclusively uses Fat Poppy Coffee, chosen for its consistency and quality. The house blend is a seasonal espresso blend designed with milk-coffee drinkers in mind, but is delicious black too. The flavour profile is a sweet toffee from honeycomb, combined with chocolate covered blueberries. It has a full body, refined acidity and fruit driven sweetness. Sounds divine, yes? Currently, the blend consists of a pulped natural coffee from Brazil for that low down punch, while a natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe yields the sweet berry flavours.

Brewing on a highly modified Synesso Cyncra and a Fetco batch brewer, Matt, Alex and Rob also offer bottled cold brew in the warmer months. They want to help people understand that using a batch brewer, while perhaps losing some of the romanticism of manual brewing, provides a reliable and consistent taste.

Together with Sasha Jade, owner of Fat Poppy Coffee, the Dachshund team has tasted and sampled coffees from just about every notable roaster in Australia, as well as many from around the globe, in order to be sure of their selections. Sasha’s exceptional palate and quirk for the unusual ensures she supplies cafes with some of the finest coffees available, including natural process coffees, which are often overlooked by roasters.

Besides the tremendous coffee, Dachshund Coffee serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week. It’s food you’d be happy eating day in, day out – and feel good about. There’s also the occasional chance for sweet indulgence, of course.

The venue in this quiet, harbourside suburb is small and intimate. It’s a welcoming and vibrant setting, frequented by young families, retirees, 20-somethings and school kids. On a good day, you might even see a Dachshund!

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4/64-68 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill


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