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Ever wanted to roast your own coffee? You could go buy a roaster and start in your garage (as so many of Australia’s leading roasters did), but if you’re not looking for that kind of commitment, you can head to Alexandria and check out the green coffee selection, roasting advice and revolutionary roasting technology of The Coffee Roaster all in one go.

Dan and JoAnne Fitzsimmons immigrated to Australia from Seattle in 1983. Some years later, having tired of their careers in the computer and finance industries and being coffee addicts they happily packed up their bags to travel the world and research all aspects of coffee for a year. They came back to Australia armed with first-hand experience and a better understanding of everything that goes into making a great coffee, and so, they started roasting on a 4kg air roaster in Glebe. Before long the footpath outside the terrace house was cluttered with university students on milk crates enjoying their coffee.

Today, a seriously sophisticated coffee roasting operation is taking place. You’ll find tour groups passing through, local cafes perfecting their house blends, and a buzzing cafe serving breakfast and lunch alongside its freshly roasted coffee. The cafe itself offers pour over, cold drip and Trifecta brewed coffee in addition to its myriad espresso choices. Within two metres of the Piccolo Chinook coffee roaster are 36 single origins, ready to be roasted on demand. If you’re just popping in for a takeaway or a quick coffee, try the house blend, which achieved the highest score at the 2012 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

The Coffee Roaster sources Arabica beans from all around the world between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
At last count they had 86 different combinations of coffee blends and roasting recipes catalogued on their Chinook Air Roaster. Air roasting was a very conscious choice for Dan and JoAnne.
On their coffee quest around the world, they met Mike Sivetz, the inventor of fluidised airbed coffee roasting. They were easily convinced that air roasting was elegantly simple, easily measured and provided “bulletproof batch to batch consistency”.

They now operate a fully automated, specially designed Chinook Air Roaster, which allows roasters to produce batch after batch of consistent blends and are simple enough for visitors to learn about during a tour. Wholesale customers make up a good portion of The Coffee Roaster’s clientele, returning time and again because of the product quality, roast consistency, custom blending and private label packaging.

Retail customers come in for a coffee, but they stay to witness their own coffee roasted before their very eyes, in less than 15 minutes. Just state your requirements, such as light roast for pour over, or medium city roast for espresso.

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