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Here’s a story about a guy named Will. In 1997, he was backpacking and surfing around Australia when he met a man called Andrew Gross who brewed up a specialty coffee that changed Will’s life. It was sweet, flavourful, full of body and it didn’t burn the inside of his mouth.  Will said he had a ‘coffee epiphany’ on that day and dropped what he was doing to dedicate his life to sharing with others just how fantastic coffee could be.  And aren’t we glad he did, because this is Will Young we’re talking about, president of Campos Coffee. 

Will studied and read all he could about specialty coffee, worked as a barista and roaster, and then opened his first cafe in Sydney.  He threw himself into it, body and soul, until in 2002 he purchased Campos Coffee in Newtown, visions and dreams became a reality and a world-class espresso bar was born.

Daniel Audy now manages the Campos Coffee flagship store in Newtown. Dan has spent time with Campos’ partners in Sulawesi, learning about their coffee systems and quality control.  Dan’s Indonesian heritage allows him to talk directly with the farmers and translate any communications, which has helped Campos truly understand how they can best work together. 

Campos Coffee in Newtown always offers at least one coffee from the Cup of Excellence program.  This program is extremely important to Campos. A farmer who wins this award can increase their income 20 fold. What could be better than a not-for-profit platform that rewards small farmers for their exemplary coffee? It also means Campos is able to purchase coffee that has been through both an international and a national jury and been declared one of the top for the year.  Everybody wins, not least of all the Campos customers who get to enjoy the results.

You can also obtain an education on that really great cup of coffee by heading upstairs to the Cupping Room, where customers can join in on a tasting session of Campos’ top single origin coffees and learn about the farms behind the coffees.  The tasting sessions are run according to international standards and are a fantastic introduction into what happens to coffee through its life cycle, from growing and purchasing to roasting and cupping.

This is a respected company that works closely with its producers and demonstrates how important integrity is to them.  The promises that the company made in 2002 are still carried through to this day and at the heart of it all, Campos produces ethical, sustainable and delicious coffee.

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