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The Campos name may be anything but new to coffee drinkers Australia wide, but its newest specialty coffee bar in Dulwich Hill is a standout venue well worth a visit.

The Campos Coffee brand was established in Newtown in 2002 and has since expanded across Queensland and Victoria, with its coffee being sold in a multitude of venues. Manager of Campos Dulwich Hill, Brendon King, has been working with Campos Coffee for five years and had been developing the concepts and plans for this store for two years before finally finding the right location. It’s the first specialty coffee bar in the area and comes with a veteran team of baristas with the professionalism customers have come to expect from Campos.

The Dulwich Hill cafe is quickly becoming the local for many new residents as well as loyal Campos drinkers. Owner, Will Young is thrilled. He said, “Many of our original regulars from the first shop in Newtown have moved out to the Dulwich Hill area as their families have grown and they have needed more space. The originals that used to come to Newtown in 2002 with their puppies and babies are showing up to the Dulwich Hill store with their old dogs and teenagers. These customers mean the world to us and to be able to see them on an everyday basis again – well, that is very special indeed.”

Campos Coffee spends 365 days a year cumulatively at origin, sourcing beans and working with producers. It spends this time ensuring the partners overseas are producing quality coffee, ethically and sustainably.

The Dulwich Hill Campos always has a single origin from the Cup of Excellence program available, as well as pour over, cold drip and cold press in bottles. The house espresso blend is Superior Blend, the company’s award-winning blend it’s been serving since the brand’s inception in 2002. It features a toffee base with slight fruity highlights, a rich body and a sweet butterscotch finish. The Superior Blend is seasonal rather than static and a lot of effort goes into ensuring its taste profile is excellent throughout the year.

Several times a year Campos Coffee celebrates Cup of Excellence Champion Days, where customers are treated to the number one champion from the Cup of Excellence program. These days provide a rare opportunity to sample what is judged to be the best coffee in the world from a particular country, but plan ahead, because these events are popular!

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538 Marrickville Rd, Dulwich Hill NSW


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