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Chippendale’s Brickfields is what a passer by may describe as a corner store/bakery. However, those in the know will agree that it has one of the most notorious, attractive and talked about pastry counters in Sydney.

Inspired by Chippendale’s industry driven history, the name Brickfields pays homage to the old Chippendale brick mill that took up residence in the inner city suburb back in the early days of Sydney’s settlement. These days, the brick mill is gone and instead Chippendale is home to one of Sydney’s most reputable bakeries.

Owner Simon Cancio has been baking for over 10 years. For him, Brickfields is a bakery first, a coffee bar second and cafe third – but by Joe does it do all three well! Joined by a team of experienced bakers, Simon opened Brickfields in 2012 and for the past five years they have been inspired by the aim to keep it simple and delicious. Closely following artisanal baking methods, it takes the Brickfields baking team three days to make a loaf of sourdough, just as it does a traditional sourdough loaf – speed that process up at all and it’s not real sourdough.

Making the trek out the market once a week, the Brickfields team selects only the best looking fruit and veg to be married to a selection of both pastries and dishes for the cafe. These market trips are well worth the journey, as upon mention of the name Brickfields you will be sure to hear voices gushing about the beautiful buttery croissants, decadent Black Sesame Coconut cookies, the moreish Persian Love Cake or light and fluffy fresh fruit danishes.

For those looking to stop in for a little longer than it takes to select the perfect loaf, the cafe menu is hard to ignore. While it is a small menu, it is as seasonal at they come and that difference comes across on the plate. Market fresh ingredients will grace your plate atop of dishes such as toast topped with avocado, pomelo crab and fresh herb or slow roasted pork belly, parsnip purée, apple, kale, cranberries, Treviso and walnut ciabatta. However, as hard as they try to rotate these goodies around, there are a few cult classics that never seem to lose their popularity. The bacon sandwich on seeded ciabatta and ham-cheese croissants have developed quite the reputation, and after one bite you will completely understand why. All of this is washed down perfectly with an expertly brewed Mecca coffee.

More than just a local watering hole, Brickfields has become somewhat of a Chippendale icon. The ideal destination for those looking to treat themselves to a delicious brunch or a few special treats to accompany one at home, this is well worth the trip wherever you are venturing from.

For those who are scared they will miss out on their favourites, Brickfields takes online orders ranging from decadent whole cakes all the way to their signature bread and pastries. Head to their website for more info.

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206 Cleveland Street, Chippendale NSW


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