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Japan’s sake culture is unparalleled in the world of spirits. However, beyond Japanese borders, it is far from mainstream and certainly is not the go-to drink to grab after work for many Aussies.

Hoping to change this philosophy and lend a wealth of knowledge on Japan’s most famous drink, Leigh Hudson and the team behind Melbourne Japanese knife and kitchenware store, Chef’s Armoury, have opened their second Sakeshop in Sydney’s inner-west. Following the success of their flagship store in Melbourne, Leigh and his team are keen to spread the sake love north and introduce the people of Sydney to a world of spirits they often wouldn’t delve into.

“We have many customers who love Japan, love Japanese culture and like us have struggled to find good sake in Australia,” Leigh says. “We want to make sake accessible to those people who have never really tried good sake before.”

Specialising in Nihonshu, Shochu, Umeshu as well as Japanese beer, Sakeshop is quite literally an ode to the land of the rising sun, in liquid form. Its collection boasts not only some of Japan’s biggest names in sake but also an array of sakes from small brewers that normally wouldn’t be found outside their home country. Thankfully, not everything will cost you an arm and a leg. Leigh is a seasoned hospitality veteran and self-proclaimed professional drinker, making him very in touch with what people want, so he ensures that most sakes on offer are affordable and suitable to the Australian market.

Keen to make sake an everyday drink for Australians that can be drunk alongside some of our internationally renowned food, Leigh is also offering educational events, workshops and courses. For information on what’s currently available, head to the Sakeshop website. But for now, drink up!

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105-107 Percival Road, Stanmore NSW


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