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When three seasoned cocktail kings put their heads together to envision to perfect cocktail bar, they came up with Bulletin Place. Offering top-tier cocktails in a relaxed space, it holds all the best bits of bars in the one spot.

Tim Philips, Adi Ruiz and Robb Sloan are the three bar barons behind the venture, having become fast friends on the job at Black Pearl in Melbourne. When it came to opening their own place, they looked to create a spot that held change at the centre of the experience, ensuring that there was something new for every visitor.

Therefore, when visiting Bulletin Place, don’t be fooled into thinking that the butcher’s paper strewn with handwriting behind the bar is just another piece of rustic decoration among the eclectic industrial style interiors. That’s the menu, and the only one at that.

Every day, the dedicated team of bartenders scribble down five cocktail combinations, inspired by what ingredients are on offer and their imaginations. However, that doesn’t mean the classics are off limits. The seasoned hands of the bar staff are more than capable of whipping up a martini or the like, but if you’re feeling adventurous, leave it up to them to create a flavour combination of the moment. It could be anything, from the Peach’d As’, with plum, pampero, lime and rosso vermouth, or the ‘In the Firelight Fernando’ with gin, Fernet Branca, vermouth and passionfruit. The only common thread? Whatever you drink, it’s sure to knock your socks off.

Like the cocktails, beers are chopped and changed constantly to keep things interesting, and new types of spirits are always coming and going to ensure that new flavours and inventive concoctions are always on the horizon. If it’s a drop of Australian wine that tickles your fancy, you’re in luck – a small selection is on hand and served by the glass. However, only one white, red and sparkling is served at any given time – once a bottle is finished, whatever is on offer next is determined by the next order. Once the bottle is open, that’s the varietal until it’s finished.

Bulletin Place is all about what you’re drinking, so you’ll have to venture into the heaving city culinary scene to eat. Just a stone’s throw away from the Opera House, this contemporary cocktail bar is the perfect place for a pre- or post-show drink, a Friday night drop or even a cosy date. Like the cocktails that never stand still, the options are endless.

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10-14 Bulletin Place, Sydney


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