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The Best Restaurants, Hidden in Surry Hills

On the edge of the city, bursting with creativity and distinctive style, is the gorgeous suburb of Surry Hills. Known as a hotspot for fabulous food, terrific theatre and more drinking holes than you poke a stick at, it is the perfect place for locals and visitors alike to relax and enjoy a meal.

With such a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes found throughout Surry Hills, just where do you begin? We have done the hard work for you, researching the perfect list of places that you must visit. Exploring a new city isn’t complete until you eat like the locals do, experiencing the diverse cultures that call Sydney home. When all the eating is done, work your way through the bars, both hidden and on full display, to find extensive wine lists, curated cocktails and hundreds of beer taps, with both local and craft beer.

Surry Hills is worth exploring, but knowing where to go with make a huge difference. We’ve scoured the streets, finding the best cafes, restaurants and bars in the inner-city suburb.

Discovering the flavours of Surry Hills

Surry Hills is a melting pot of cuisines, with everything from Italian to Indian, and Japanese to Modern Australian on offer. Best of all, there’s everything from cheap eats to fine dining, meaning no matter what the occasion, there’s a restaurant for you. Whether its catching up with friends, or are trying to impress a first date, this list will have the perfect place for you.

In a suburb like Surry Hills, where there’s a restaurant on every corner, we’ve taken out the guesswork of your next meal. With an inside look into each venue’s story and offering, you’ll be prepared for whatever the night throws at you.

Smudge Eats is a collective of foodie fanatics, united by a passion for gourmet goodies, devilishly good drinks and a rollicking good time. We’re dedicated to scooping the story, discovering just how a venue came to be and how it became so great. With open minds and empty bellies, we’ve tasted our way through Surry Hills to provide you with a list of the very best restaurants and bars that exist in the area.

If there’s a restaurant we’ve missed, let us know by emailing smudge@smudgepub.com.au.