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Dedicated to a gluten-free diet and the latest concept for the Spa Esprit Group is The Butcher’s Wife in Tiong Bahru.

This hip heritage neighbourhood, is home to a feast of eclectic menus. Fitting in to the neighbourhood, The Butcher’s Wife joins an increasing number of worldwide chefs and restaurants to apply their creative energies to creating a gluten-free menu, so even coeliacs are able to enjoy the flavours, colours, and joy that food can bring.

This delicious and hearty 100% gluten- free food is popular with many young Singaporeans. With more and more being diagnosed with gluten intolerance, it is just the dream to find somewhere that caters for this growing group.

“There is no denying that with an increasing number of people suffering from gluten intolerance, eating out can be a social problem, not just for coeliacs, but for those dining with them,” said Cynthia Chua, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Spa Esprit Group.

“I saw a gap in the market where gluten- free menus are usually an after-thought, and at best limited in variety and flavours. Just because you cannot eat gluten, that doesn’t mean your meals need to be dull,” she continued.

The Butcher’s Wife has created a tasty and satisfying menu, leading the way for gluten-free dining to thrive in Singapore. The menu offers not just a few token dishes with obscure GF symbols on the menu, but the whole nine yards, where every dish is prepared without a trace of gluten. At the heart of the kitchen team is a commitment to support this community with a greater variety of good food.

Cynthia said, “In fact, more and more people are following a gluten-free diet for various health reasons, and the trend is set to grow. Whether a dietary choice or a medical condition, with a fully gluten- free menu at The Butcher’s Wife, poor food choices and bland tasting food are no longer a problem.”

With Chef Patron of ZOILO and boCHINche, and Chef Partner to The Butcher’s Wife, Fabrice Mergalet conceptualising the gluten-free menu, and Head Chef, Fabrice Mergalet at the helm of the kitchen; diners can enjoy a variety of hearty comfort food that is creative in execution and robust in taste, over dinner or weekend brunch indulgence, yet does not cause indigestion and bloating.

Mergalet said, “The Butcher’s Wife aims to recapture the spirit of well-regarded and lost European neighbourhood bistros; offering tasty, contemporary comfort food where the menu is prepared with carefully curated seasonal ingredients and of freshest quality, all the while dedicated to a gluten- free diet. We dish out delicious healthy food everyone can enjoy.”

“Every ingredient used in the kitchen is painstakingly sourced and selected, creatively interpreted to create great flavours in every dish with the aim to elevate diners’ appreciation of gluten- free food with the surprising flavours and textures these dishes can offer,” he added.

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19 Yong Siak Street, Singapore


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