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If you thought rustic Italian fare couldn’t be improved, you will stand corrected at terra Tokyo Italian. Described by its talented owner as Tokyo Italian, it is the philosophy of expressing Japanese food culture in Italian cuisine.

The restaurant is the brainchild of Japanese- born chef, Seita Nakahara, who launched the concept in early 2016. After spending his formative years in Singapore, Seita moved back to Tokyo where he worked at some of the city’s best Italian restaurants. He later went on to work through the kitchens of Tuscany, Sicily and Piedmont, perfecting his knowledge of the intricacies and techniques of Italian cuisine.

On return to Singapore, Seita realised he could combine the best of both cuisines by using the beautiful fresh ingredients of Japan and the Italian techniques he had learnt in Tokyo and Italy to create authentic Italian fare. The result is a delicate balance of fresh ingredients and natural flavour, in which a Japanese-inspired attention to detail shines. He titled it Tokyo-Italian.

While cooking the cuisine at an established Singaporean restaurant, Seita attracted a collection of regulars who loved his unique style. Eventually, he realised there was a niche market for his Tokyo Italian and decided to launch his very own venture – terra Tokyo Italian.

At terra Tokyo Italian, Seita’s menu is influenced by the four seasons of Japan with each dish a materialisation of his unique vision for the key ingredients used. The omakase – a chef’s selection menu – changes regularly according to what is in season and what Seita thinks will pair well together.

This is showcased in the signature uni spaghetti – a flavoursome pasta dish with fresh sea urchin, zesty yuzu and shavings of homemade bottarga. A favourite among regulars and visitors, the uni spaghetti is a rich and creamy Italian style dish, with sea urchin adding a delicate Japanese flavour.

Seita has a connection with each and every ingredient he uses at terra Tokyo Italian. He prides himself on being able to understand how temperature and humidity can change

Locate Terra Tokyo Italian

54 Tras Street, Singapore


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