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Wouldn’t it be great to base your meal decisions on ingredients you enjoy, rather than ones you’d rather avoid? At Chef’s Table, guests do precisely that, with a degustation menu that changes daily and is made up solely of ingredients. Cross out any ingredients you’re allergic to (or just don’t like) and your reward will be a one-of-a-kind, expertly prepared dish. There’s no repetition at Chef’s Table.

Chef’s Table is the signature venture of Stephan Zoisl, more commonly referred to as Chef Stephan. Hailing from Austria, Stephan has learned the tips and tricks of the trade when manning the pans at Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe, such as Vienna’s The Steirereck and Vila Joya in Portugal.

Every dining experience at Chef’s Table is intimate and unique. Three degustation or omakase menus are offered, with a choice of four, six or eight courses. Each menu is based on 28 central ingredients that change daily. As such, there are no signature dishes, no repeats and no comparisons, just surprise after surprise. Ingredients such as lamb, pear, beetroot, Romanesco, popcorn, king prawns, tête de veau, girolle mushroom and globe artichoke are baked, boiled, fried, sautéed, roasted, chopped and garnished over your preferred number of courses.

Because there is no set menu, local suppliers and producers direct the daily offerings based on what’s available and in season. When it comes to meat and fish, imported

premium cuts from Austria, France, Italy, Japan, Australia and the United States are frequent. Each dish is accompanied with microgreens and vegetables grown right there in the dining room. The set-up of the restaurant means there’s minimal waste, as the kitchen is supplied on a daily basis.

Chef’s Table is an apt name for this venue, as not only does Chef Stephan or his fellow Head Chef, Lorenz Raich, whip up every meal, but they also talk you through each dish as they prepare, make and serve it. The space is designed to feel like home, with high chairs that put you on the same level as the chefs to make for easy conversation. The result is a relaxed, friendly vibe paired with good company and exquisite food.

With every good dish comes a good glass of wine, and at Chef’s Table, your go-to for all things vino is the restaurant manager and sommelier, Alexandra Brito. Given there’s no set menu and flavours change accordingly, Alexandra’s strength lies in her passion for wine and its versatile pairings across a range of flavours, textures and desires. Wines are sourced from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy, and are available in limited numbers with new vintages constantly on rotation – in true Chef’s Table style.

Chef Stephan’s daring concept is forcing guests to rethink Singaporean cuisine, flipping the idea of fine dining on its head. With authenticity and spontaneity at the heart of what Chef Stephan is doing, there’s no telling what each visit will bring.

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61 Tras Street, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore


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