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The little brother of Martin Road’s, Common Man Coffee, the city iteration brings great coffee to the CBD. Common Man Stan embodies the well-known brand on Stanley Street, this polished cafe is helping the brand to create a coffee culture in Singapore that makes this humble drink a more approachable and accessible commodity for locals.

Upon entering Stan you will find quite a mixed bag of diners. Both local and expat coffee gurus flock here on a daily basis, though this modern cafe also attracts a number of tourists, eager to get their hands on the first decent cup of coffee they have found after weeks travelling in South East Asia. And as soon as you sit down with your chosen treat, it’s pretty clear why this place is such a hub of activity.

Beyond their amazing coffee, Stan is famous for its all-day brunch. Looking to famous Australian menus that have changed the face of the cafe industry all around the world, Stan has taken the classics and made their own little twists. The menu aims to push boundaries when it comes to your average breakfast fare, think Ox- Cheek Egg Benedict and Croissant Croque Monsieur. Nevertheless, they do make a conscious effort to include whatever they can find in the way of fresh, local produce, working with Citizen Farm, Kuhlburra Fish and South-West Honey to craft their beautiful dishes.

Hoping to reflect the vibe of the neighbourhood hosting their new digs, Stan’s brunch and lunch fares feature all of the favourites found at its older brother on Martin Road, though also a few new bites. From virtuous breakfasts such as the Veggie Wonderland, a platter of veggies paired with your choice of eggs, to slightly naughtier dishes like the Common Man Burger or the Date, Chocolate And Almond Torte, there really is something to match any mood or individual taste at any time of day. Pair any of these dishes with a cup of Common Man’s CMCR blend or even a little tipple if you are feeling particularly wild.

Just like its food and coffee, Common Man has developed a bit of a theme when it comes to the design of their cafes. Rich textures and colours are complemented by warm light and cosy seats, with their custom Synesso coffee machines remaining the star of the show at both Stanley Street and the original Martin Road cafe. At Stan, this design concept is lifted to reflect the edgy vibe of the neighbourhood, bold elements of wood, marble and cement are worked into the design, brought together with a touch of gold.

Influenced by food, cultures and trends from near and far, Singapore is a hub of culinary excitement. While the cafe culture is only really finding its feet, there is so much on offer in this small but exciting country with Common Man Stan standing at the forefront of Singapore’s cafe revolution.

Locate Common Man Stan

11/12 Stanley Street, Singapore


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