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The Best Bali Restaurants in Seminyak

A tropical paradise. Bali is one of the hottest holiday destinations in the world. Beautiful beaches, white sand and friendly locals characterise this beautiful part of the world. Great for families and adventure seekers alike. We at Smudge Eats understand this and know that, while you’re in Seminyak, you want the best food to enjoy in your tropical paradise. We have visited all the best restaurants in the region and are always visiting new places that are popping up, so you have the information you need to find a spot which is great for you!

There’s nothing worse than being in a perfect area with a great beachside view and having poor quality food. What a letdown! That’s why we want to save you time and money on restaurants that aren’t worth your time and instead on restaurants that are perfect for you! Browse our reviews and find out about all the exciting culinary delights that Seminyak has to offer.

A town for foodies

Known as an area for luxury hotels and beach villas, Seminyak is also gaining a reputation as a hub for some serious gastronomical gems. We at Smudge Eats have had the pleasure of sampling all the fine food on offer and want to share this with you. We try a variety of dishes from each bar, restaurant and coffee shops we visit and explore the surrounds so we can give you the best possible sense of this luxe locale, to determine if it would be the place for you to visit.

We know that every person is different and wants something special from their dining experience. Want a fish dish in an intimate setting? Italian with a poolside view? Well we review a large and varied range of establishments to make sure you can find somewhere which is as unique as you are.

Create your dream experience now

There is no time better than the present to find to find a great Seminyak restaurant in Bali and create food memories that you won’t forget about. Read about some of the amazing places you can visit now!