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All good wine begins with good soil. It takes years of expertise to harness the strengths of two vastly different vineyards, but Greenstone Vineyards does this with ease.

Greenstone has been producing spectacular wines in the warm, dry Mediterranean climate of the Heathcote ranges since 2003 and in the cool climes of the Yarra Valley since the vineyard’s acquisition in 2015. It takes its name from a beautiful emerald-coloured basalt, tinged by copper, which is an important part of the soil around the Heathcote vineyard, and is equally as integral to the wines it produces.

Senior Winemaker, Travis Bush, first became captivated with wine more than two decades ago. Working in the laboratory at Yarra Ridge winery, he found himself drawn to the cellar when the day’s work was done. Three years later, he ventured to Europe as a roaming winemaker, honing his expertise in the diverse vineyards of Spain, Germany and France. Upon returning to Australia, he completed a degree in oenology and has been making fine wines from Victorian grapes ever since.

This experience and knowledge has prepared Travis to excel in working with Heathcote’s unique terroir. Situated just north of the Great Dividing Ranges, the vines thrive in a ridge of prehistoric Cambrian soil – the oldest in the country, dating back more than 550 million years. These soils are red-coloured with pockets of lime and have near-neutral pH, creating character-filled shiraz, sangiovese and Tuscan colorino grapes.

The Yarra Valley vineyard is a recent addition to the Greenstone portfolio, with the first vines planted back in 1983. The area fosters cold climate varietals, such as chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc, widely ranging in maturity.

Sheltered by the Dandenong Ranges and offering expansive views over the Yarra Valley, the Greenstone Cellar Door is the perfect place to taste the distinctive varieties produced in both vineyards.

The welcoming staff will happily share their expertise, whether you’re dropping by for a casual tasting or taking your time to enjoy a cheese platter. Curl up by the fire during the winter, or soak up the spectacular views from the deck when the sun’s out. Every Sunday during the warmer months, you’ll be treated to live music on the lawn and a gourmet sausage sizzle, making the Cellar Door an ideal spot to spend an afternoon.

To experience the diversity of the varietals, ensure you try wines from each vineyard. The Heathcote 2013 Sangiovese is a highlight, an elegant wine with a nose of dark plum and tea and avours reminiscent of red cherry, dark chocolate and burnt toffee. For the perfect example of a Yarra Valley Chardonnay, sample the 2015 vintage, boasting fresh fruit notes such as grapefruit and nectarine with a creaminess provided by the lees during maturation.

With great expertise and knowledge, Greenstone has brought together the best of Heathcote and the Yarra Valley to offer a range of fine wines that epitomise the diversity and complexity of Victoria’s vineyards. If you’ve never experienced the difference that terroir can make, Greenstone is the place to start.

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179 Glenview Rd, Yarra Glen


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