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With all of the livestock being bred on this 65 acre operation bordering Mt. Buffalo National Park, you can also be guaranteed that the quality is the best you will find anywhere in the world.

Encompassed in the idyllic setting in the Ovens Valley, the farm goes back to a time when the current owner, Robert Cavedon’s father, Giovanni and his wife, emigrated to the area from Italy in 1938. Together they worked as farm hands and bought the property in 1952. The panoramic views have not changed since that time and using the business’ slogan, everything is ‘simply majestic’.

This modern agri-business offers enough activities to make it worthy of a full day’s outing or a more leisurely overnight stay in their well-appointed luxury accommodation. Visitors are provided with a first-hand look at their operation, and Robert and Grace Cavedon are proud to show the care provided to their animals, as well as husbandry skills that have been perfected during 22 years of being in business. Children can get a close view of the stags, emus, deer, ostriches, goats and other animals that are lovingly cared for and surprisingly tame.

While the children are enjoying their new four-legged friends, you can visit the cellar door and sample boutique regional wines, or laze in the Vintner’s Garden Courtyard sipping chardonnay or merlot, while nibbling from an antipasto platter. Later take a 1.5-hour tour of the area and visit wineries in a Mustang Shelby GT, or travel in an open air WWII army scout car to view the deer farm. Meanwhile, at the lodge, lectures are being given on deer-raising and alternative farming methods.

There is always something happening at this bustling operation, and it would not be out of the question to witness a wedding, as many couples choose this tourist farm as their starting point. On premises there is a store that sells products made on-site, including an assortment of gluten free Halal game meats, emu oils that have a range of medicinal and cosmetic uses, leather goods, jams and sauces. Such activity can only promote a hearty appetite and dinner is served in a majestic dining room with large windows overlooking the sweeping valley floor, or balcony seating is also offered. In addition to game meats, Head Chef, Jeremy Van Hoorn, has a back-door source of the freshest, local ingredients including trout, asparagus, blueberries, and tomatoes to create some unforgettable dishes.

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324 Hughes Lane, Eurobin, VIC


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