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One of Australia’s leading family-owned wineries, Brown Brothers, is located in Milawa, in the King Valley in North-Eastern Victoria.

With four generations and nearly 130 years of winemaking under their belts, they strike a balance between family heritage and innovation, acknowledging the traditional winemaking methods of the past while embracing all that modern advances have to bring.

As you would imagine, the Brown Brothers’ brand, today, has expanded beyond wine to the next natural step, food. A visit to the original Milawa property is not complete without a meal at the award-winning restaurant, Patricia’s Table. Named after the wife of second-generation Brown Brothers’ owner, John Charles Brown, and current owner, Ross Brown’s mother, Patricia who, according to Ross, deserves all the credit when it comes to the family’s fascination with flavour, in regard to both wine and food. Patricia described her passion for wine as a “slow developing interest” that was only further fuelled by exploring how it worked with food.

Heading Patricia’s Table kitchen is Head Chef, Jarrod Kelley. A more recent addition to the Brown Brothers’ team, Jarrod is passionate about sourcing his ingredients locally, keeping everything fresh and seasonal. As a result, ingredients are sourced from Milawa Cheese Company, Milawa Mustards, Milawa Organic Beef, King Valley Free Range and The Butter Factory in Myrtleford. In addition, an on-site garden supplies Jarrod and his team in the kitchen with all the vegetables and herbs they may need.

Jarrod’s menu changes regularly to reflect the season and what bounty the surrounding region offers him. Meals can be enjoyed as a part of either a two or three-course menu, with the option of wine matching. Dishes are warm and homey, though the elegance that has long been associated with the Brown Brothers’ brand is carried throughout each element. The wines may be world-famous and the menu and food offering may be polished, but the atmosphere is casual. Patricia’s Table is the kind of place that you could easily spend a whole day.

The Brown family’s wine philosophy is shaped around the idea that wine should always be a personal experience. The wines they craft today are made for the enjoyment of the drinker and not the winemaker. Similarly, Jarrod’s food is made to be enjoyed and his menu holds flavour at the forefront of its focus. The wine will always be the hero of the Brown Brothers brand though, and Jarrod creates menus that are shaped by the wines on offer in the restaurant and any new releases that the family is eager to showcase alongside his beautiful food.

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239 Milawa Bobinawarrah Rd, Milawa


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