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Bendigo-based specialty coffee roaster and wholesaler, Undercover Roasters, has been supplying cafes across Melbourne and regional Victoria with bespoke, premium quality caffeine since 2011.

Andjela Pecotic is no stranger to the hospitality scene. When she’s not overseeing the team in Bendigo, she’s looking after one of the coolest Camberwell cafes on the block, Collective Espresso & Kitchen – and supplying them with Undercover Roasters’ excellent coffee, of course.

Boasting a loyal army of cafe clients who are just about as passionate about coffee as the team is, Undercover Roasters is revered for its ability to expertly tailor house blends, as well as an overall dedication to the bean. Head Roaster, Antonio Caminiti, has more than a decade of specialty coffee experience under his belt, having spent a great deal of time working behind the coffee machine, tinkering with different roasting methods and flavour profiles in the roastery, and sampling plenty of different blends.

Green beans are sourced from the likes of Sydney-based Origin Traders; one of the world’s top coffee merchants Condesa Coffee, and leading Aussie importer H.A Bennett & Sons. The Undercover Roasters house blend is a medium roast, combining beans from Colombia, Ethiopia and Guatemala, while a variety of seasonal single origin beans are sourced from the likes of South America, Africa and Papua New Guinea.

While there’s surely no better judge of great coffee than your very own tastebuds, coffee-roasting technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years. The team at Undercover Roasters combines their intuition and expertise with Cropster, a roast profiling software program, or, ‘Roasting Intelligence’, which helps to maintain consistency and quality. Beans are roasted in a 60kg cast-iron Joper machine, stamped with a shiny gold Undercover logo.

Paired with the knowledge and expertise of Undercover Roasters’ dedicated team, you’ve got the recipe for some seriously good coffee. It might be Bendigo’s largest coffee roasters, but don’t get it twisted: Undercover Roasters is all about individuality, roasting your choice of beans and brand, just the way you like it.

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4B Roanoak Court, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia


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