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You can find everything you need under one roof at Surfcoast Wholefoods – an organic grocery and wholesome cafe that will ensure you feed your family nutritious wholefoods, free from any hidden nasties.

Husband and wife team, Annabel and Tim Reiter, have varied work backgrounds, with this being their first joint venture. Annabel ran her own business as a yoga teacher and health practitioner, offering consultations

and group sessions around Melbourne. And while Tim was working as an accountant in the business sphere, he was inspired to learn more about health and wellness thanks to Annabel, his mum – who is an alternative medicine doctor – and two of his sisters – one a naturopath and the other a herbalist.

Annabel and Tim put their heads together and considered ways to link their personal interests, experience and knowledge in a way that would benefit the community and their young family. Two weeks after their second child
was born, their third baby was brought to life and Surfcoast Wholefoods opened its doors to the public. It’s a family business, meaning that all the staff genuinely care for each and every customer and continue to encourage a sense of community.

The space in Torquay was a blank canvas for Tim and Annabel to create whatever they wanted. Since opening, the pair continues to expand the floor space to fit their growing number of brands and products, and the décor reflects their ethos: earthy, pure and simple.

‘The key feature of Surfcoast Wholefoods is the massive range of products on offer. The team constantly updates their product lines and range in order to stock the healthiest and most eco-friendly version of every product.’

Inside, you’ll find an abundance of reclaimed timber, and recycled counters and shelves. Surfcoast Wholefoods is broken up into two spaces: the shop floor and the cafe. This is to allows customers to explore the meals they eat and gain a greater understanding about the products that are used in each dish. In turn, this inspires people to recreate similar dishes at home using products from the store.

The key feature of Surfcoast Wholefoods is the massive range of products on offer. The team constantly updates their product lines and range in order to stock the healthiest and most eco-friendly version of every product.

Find the shelves lined with a huge selection of organic fruits and vegetables, as well as products that range from coconut oil and falafel chips to paleo chocolate, rice and pasta. The fully stocked Naturopathic Dispensary offers everything from probiotics to herbal extracts. You can even pick up locally designed yoga wear, or all-natural personal care products such as toothpaste, sunscreen and deodorant.

You’ll probably need some quality equipment to whip up a meal with all the produce you’ve collected, and so Surfcoast Wholefoods offers a range of cookware, containers and electrical products too.

No matter what it is you’re after, Surfcoast Wholefoods is guaranteed to have just the right product for you. With a bustling cafe, it’s the ideal spot for a delicious meal after a busy session of shopping.

Locate Surfcoast Wholefoods Shop

104 41 Bristol Rd, Torquay, Victoria, Australia


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