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Words cannot do The Wellness Manor justice. The unique retreat on the Mornington Peninsula offers visitors a chance to temporarily change their lifestyle, delivering holistic therapies that are informed by the four pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, detox, and skin health.

Dr Sally Shaw is the passionate woman behind the concept. With 25 years of women’s health and skin health behind her, she had a vision to create a wellness offering that met with each individual’s requirements.

She found the perfect space to do so on the Peninsula – a circa-1860 building and its surrounding tranquil gardens. The property is home to a multitude of treatment rooms, spa baths and calming spaces, which welcome visitors for day spa retreats, detox programs and advanced skin therapies.

Across all three of these experiences is an array of services, with everything from organic massages, steam therapy, facials and colonic irrigation, through to the latest in high-tech equipment for skin health and rejuvenation, such as ultherapy, skin needling and PRP facials.

No matter what you’ve signed up for, the descent into pure relaxation and rejuvenation begins the moment you step out of the car. You’ll be greeted by a beautiful lobby, complete with candles and draped curtains. Guests are encouraged to arrive at least an hour earlier than their scheduled treatment to make the most of the natural outdoor baths and relaxation areas. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll be given a luxuriously thick robe, and escorted to the baths, where herbal tea is waiting. The baths are surrounded by a lush courtyard, encouraging you to leave your worries at the door and embrace a completely different feeling for the day. This includes hiding all indicators of time – there’s no need for watches or phones here, the staff are incredibly attentive and will let you know when it’s time to continue onto your therapy.

The Wellness Manor has partnered with a number of brands for its treatments, recognising the diverse needs of visitors. One of the most prominent collaborations is with Byron Bay’s Gaia Retreat – the Manor is the first spa to offer Gaia’s certified organic skincare products, the Retreatment Range, alongside of selection of other skincare brands.

Whichever treatment you choose, the expert staff will guide you through each step of the process, delivering a level of pampering that’s practically unmatched. No stone is left unturned – while you’re enjoying a steam therapy, you’ll receive an oil head massage to ensure you get the very most out of each second.

The treatment may end, but your Wellness Manor experience doesn’t finish there. You’ll be ushered to the rest and retreat lounge, where water and herbal tea and personalised iPods with meditation music await. You’ll keep warm with a blanket, and can stay until you’re ready to embrace reality once more.

The Wellness Manor elevates a spa treatment to a wellness experience. Sally and her team have successfully created a distinctive retreat in which visitors can relax and recharge, taking a temporary break from the everyday.

Locate The Wellness Manor

1 Ross Street, Mornington, Victoria


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